September 2021 Newsletter

Never Forget: September 11, 2001 — 20th Anniversary Troopathon Special Broadcast exclusively on Newsmax

\”I’m sure that many of our patriots have watched the horrific developments coming from Afghanistan, and wondered what is coming next? In order to answer that question, I’m looking backwards to the beautiful Fall morning of September 11th, 2001 when three jet airplanes were turned into human missiles, murdering over 3,000 civilians aboard United Flight 93, the Pentagon and our twin towers in New York City.\”

\”Never forget that the Islamic extremists who murdered our fellow Americans on 9/11were based out of Afghanistan. Al Qaeda was operating training camps there, and openly lived in the country with the support of the Taliban.

The Taliban and Al Qaeda are ideologically and physically aligned. In present day, Taliban fighters swarmed Kabul and formed a perimeter preventing evacuation of our civilians and troops, starkly reminding us there is always a price to pay for terrorism.

At Move America Forward, everything we do is to honor our brave men and women who are currently serving in harm’s way. I co-founded our charity not long after 9/11 with the intention of supporting our troops AND their mission whether it was 20 years ago or a few weeks ago, our dedication and mission has not waned.

Please tune in and watch our special 9/11 Troopathon Broadcast and join me in remembering Americans who died and those who answered the call to serve our great nation then and now.

It is the singular honor of my lifetime to honor the United States Military who have never wavered, not once, not even when others faltered.

Please join me on our broadcast during these terrible and confusing times, and find comfort in the heroes who are very much among us.

I won’t forget. I know you won’t either.\”

With gratitude,

Melanie Morgan

Chairman, Move America Forward


Packathon Returns with a special 9/11 Care Package Goal

We are proud to announce, Packathon is back this year after having to cancel it last year due to COVID-19. Packathon honors the 20th anniversary of the tragic events of September 11th, 2001. \”It is our way of demonstrating we will never forget that day when our world profoundly changed or the brave men and women who give their all to protect and defend our freedom,\” stated Danny Gonzalez, Move America Forward\’s Director of Communications.

Richard Hanneford and Move America Forward Chairwoman Melanie Morgan

Packathon aims to ship an ambitious 2001 care packages, and pack and assemble an additional 911 care packages destined for our brave troops serving around the globe. We will accomplish this thanks to a dedicated team of volunteers working to shoulder the load along with local press, community leaders, and some special military members and veterans.

Attending will be MAF founder Melanie Morgan and 9/11 World Trade Center Tower 2 Survivor Richard Hannaford.

Richard Hannaford was on the 84th floor of Tower 2, on the morning of September 11, 2001. His memories of that day remain as vivid today as they were 20 years ago. \”I was looking out the window and there was paper flying around. When you\’re a quarter mile up in the sky and you see 8-1/2\” x 11\” paper flying around you know something has happened,\” stated Richard, his voice going low as he takes a moment to collect himself.

He knew they had to get out of the building and as they made their way down he recalls \”We were between the 41st and 42nd floor when the plane hit our building, and it was like being in an earthquake. A plane hit our building and all I wanted to do was get down and get out of the building.\”

Richard squeezes his hands together in an attempt to compose himself as the images crowd back in. \”We got down to about the 20th floor and that\’s when the firemen started coming up. I can still see some of those faces, There were things happening that were just unseeable,\” he coughs and clears his throat before adding, \”You just can\’t unsee it.\”

Richard\’s life has changed irrevocably over the past 20 years but his willingness to share what happened that terribly morning in New York, the horror, the sacrifice, the humanity and bravery are stories that need to be shared. Richard not only acts as a spokesmen for Move America Forward, he is also a man of action who volunteers his time and has donated his own money to make sure our troops receive packages as his way of reaching out a helping hand to our troops who continue to serve.

Watch Richard Hannaford\’s and MAF\’s Outreach Director Scott Raab\’s story from the upcoming 9/11 Troopathon HERE

The Sacramento Bee did a wonderful piece on one of our previous Packathon that can be seen HERE

A Statement on Current Events in Afghanistan


In the wake 9/11, the most horrific terror attack in history, so many young men and women volunteered to join the military and risk their lives overseas to keep America safe and punish the terrorists responsible for killing thousands of innocent Americans. In the 20 years we deployed to Afghanistan our troops never faltered, never lost a fight, and even when losing dear friends, never lost faith.

Our brave troops succeeded in ousting the Taliban, destroying Al Qaeda, and sent all our enemies into hiding. Time and again, our troops proved victorious on every battlefield.

The tragic rapid destabilization of Afghanistan we are currently seeing is painful and difficult for many veterans to process, but this travesty is solely the responsibility of the politicians and their failures of leadership. While the role of the US military in foreign engagements is the exclusive responsibility of our civilian leaders in Washington, it is disgraceful to allow the departure of US troops to result in such chaos in Afghanistan.

To all troops who served in Afghanistan, you accomplished your mission and we the American people, always and forever, thank you for your exemplary service and sacrifice.

Our Care Packages Contain Messages of Support and Hope


Although our troops certainly enjoy all the goodies and everyday luxuries found jam packed in our special troop care packages, nothing beats a message of love and support. It\’s like receiving a long distance hug from home for our troops when they crack into a care package and find a message from a complete stranger reaching out over the miles to reassure our troops that they haven\’t been forgotten and that their countless sacrifices made to defend the freedoms we all to often take for granted have not gone unnoticed.

These notes are truly love letters and lifelines. Often the care packages received by our troops through Move America Forward are the only mail they will get. Can you imagine being so far from loved ones and home and finally hearing your name called out during mail call? Thanks to generous supporters like you, a soldier will not go empty handed today, and that is the true power of a Move America Troop Support package my friend.

Photo of the Month

\”Thank you for the Care Package!\” writes SSgt. Belle A.