November 2023 Newsletter

FreeWill: The Power of Giving

Estate planning often causes anxiety and confusion. On top of that, it can be expensive and time consuming. That’s where comes to the rescue. FreeWill is the no-cost alternative that allows you to set up a legal will in as little as 20 minutes.  What’s more, FreeWill partners up with non-profits like us allow individuals to leave a lasting gift to causes that are important to you. We hope you will consider FreeWill and Move America Forward as you consider final estate planning.

Planning your estate with FreeWill offers you a 100% legal will specifically tailored to your jurisdiction.

FreeWill, believes in the human instinct to do good. They continue to make charitable giving easy. To date, the FreeWill platform has allowed individual estates to commit more than $8.7B+ to nonprofit organizations. Just imagine the amount of good you could help create with your own legacy gift.

What’s more, FreeWIll allows you to address commonly faced estate planning needs. Indeed, now you can make charitable donations in tax-advantaged ways, all for free. Just think, you can benefit through tax deductible donations while still making a fantastic gift that will benefit our troops.

Gifts don’t need to be just cash either. Indeed,  legacy gifts can include cryptocurrency, stocks and real estate. We’ve always been here for you to help you support our troops as they serve all of us here at home.  With a FreeWill legacy giving, your estate panning can include a gift that will carry on our important mission on your behalf.

Take a moment to visit the website and if you choose,  consider designating Move America Forward as a giving partner.

Veteran Volunteers Packing for our Troops

MAF is committed to working with and honoring those who have served our nation. Without a doubt, our veterans deserve our gratitude, respect, and admirations. Not only have our veterans served and sacrificed in the past, but they continue to serve in many ways today. Indeed, dozens of veterans will be joining us to partake in our annual Veterans Day packing party on November 10, 2023.  

With all those extra, capable hands, we hope to be able to pack up hundreds of care packages for our troops to enjoy.

Even as they walk among us, our veterans are often ignored for trendier causes. We offer “Thank you for your service” in passing, but it is simply is not enough.

Veterans Face Unique Challenges

Issues such as PTSD, difficulty reentering society after deployment and substance abuse often plague our veterans. Afterall, our veterans experience things we can’t even imagine on our darkest days.

Our mission is supporting our deployed troops through our care package program. Actively supporting our brave service men and women helps build a foundation of care. Our troops know they are never alone and never forgotten. Your personal support notes frequently act as a lifeline. Consider it a long-distance hug to a lonely troop. The proof is in our feedback from our troops. Subsequently, we hear time and time again from our troops that our care packages are game changers.

We don’t stop there, however, we also work with veterans. Groups such as WWP, Collaborative Courts, VFWs or individual volunteers come in to MAF headquarters to get assistance as well as volunteer and help us out. Be it packing and shipping needs or a variety of other important tasks. Allowing our veterans to be part of a larger support community can make a big difference in their quality of life and we love it.

Join us in honoring our veteran as we celebrate Veterans Day and consider sponsoring a package for a current troops that just might be packed by one of  our many volunteer veterans.

Tensions Rise in the Middle East

Our troops are on the move. With two aircraft carrier groups including the USS Gerald R. Ford and USS Dwight D. Eisenhower newly deployed to the Middle East our support needs are growing. With upwards of 10,000 sailors aboard those ships, and at least 2,000 marines offshore our requests for support have sharply risen.

 Additionally, there are thousands of other troops stationed on land in Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and her countries in the Middle East.

Undoubtedly, escalating tensions and threats are on the rise. Our troops and their presence are needed more than ever. With that in mind, our troops need you now more than ever .Indeed, recent drone attacks on our troops in Iraq and tensions rising throughout the Middle East highlight the dangers our troops face routinely.

Following the devastating, terrorist attacks on Israeli civilians, Israel has begun to fight back against Hamas. With targeted bombing and an anticipated ground invasion aimed at sweeping Hamas out of Gaza.

Given the escalating tensions, we turn to our faith to find the strength to make it through the difficult times. Millions of Americans gathered this week in churches, temples, or synagogues to pray for Israel.  We also pray for the safety and security of our own United States and our troops who are out there on the front lines.

Pray for our troops and our allies today. And help us keep sending support to our soldiers overseas.

A Tradition of Thanks

Gather in Thanksgiving. Feast, laugh, love and quite literally offer Thanksgiving for the gifts in our lives and the prosperity we share. Count our blessings, bow our heads in praise. Moreover, remember family and friends who can’t be with us to share the day.  At Move America Forward, we’re thankful to each and every one of you who send packages and messages of support to our deployed to let them know we remember them.

With more troops deploying every day we need to show our support. This is our chance to offer our troops a taste of home. We’ve put together some special Thanksgiving treats in our packages – most importantly TURKEY!  Our Turkey Jerky is just the right Thanksgiving item to remind our troops of having a real oven-roasted Thanksgiving turkey and is sure to bring a real taste of home. Of course our packages are packed with plenty of our regular treats like gourmet coffee, nutritious trail mix, candies, cookies, field wipes and lots more.

Additionally, our Thanksgiving care package includes a special personalized message of support to our troops from YOU the person who sponsored it at no additional cost. However, the lifetime of memories delivered with your care package is priceless!

Don’t procrastinate! Before you know it you will be asking yourself where another year has gone. Let MAF make it easier to remember our troops. We even offer the possibility of having your donation dollars go further with our Company Matching Gift Program. Our website is a breeze to navigate. If you just aren’t comfortable online, get in touch with us and we will personally assist you. We want to be able to do everything possible to help, so if you’re even thinking “We should really do something to support the troops” now is the time.

From our MAF family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!

A View From Above — Photo of the Month

 It’s so hard being away from friends and family and a little bit of home goes a loooong way!

Michael H. — United States Navy