Move America Forward Approves of Trump\’s New Afghanistan Strategy

\"\"SACRAMENTO, Calif. –At a speech in Fort Myer, Virginia, President Donald J. Trump announced a new plan going forward in our continuing mission to defeat terrorist groups operating in Afghanistan. The plan includes an undisclosed number of additional troops, but most importantly gives generals the power to dictate tactics and ends the overly restrictive rules of engagement.

Move America Forward, a non-profit organization that has supported the war and the troops fighting in it since 2004, applauded the President’s decision on Afghanistan as a welcome change in strategy and expresses hopefulness that this new strategy and likely increase in troop levels will turn the tide. He is clearly stating our goal that Afghanistan will never again be used a staging ground for terror attacks against the US or Americans around the world.

“The Trump administration is finally changing what was a losing strategy of disengagement in Afghanistan,” said Danny Gonzalez, Director of Communications for Move America Forward. “Returning tactical control back to the generals, easing the rules of engagement, and unleashing the military to do their job has worked wonders in Iraq. Since President Trump took office, we’ve seen the US re-engage in the struggle against ISIS. As a result our troops along with the Iraqis have defeated ISIS throughout Iraq. ISIS has lost massive amounts of territory and critical cities like Mosul thanks to this strategy.”

“Move America Forward is hopeful that our top generals, given the same amount of freedom in Afghanistan, will produce similar progress. And Move America Forward will be there to send support and care packages to all the troops soon to be heading over to the front lines in Afghanistan.” said Gonzalez.

A vitally important element of Trump’s new strategy, which represents a complete reversal of Obama-era policy, is the easing of restrictions on the rules of engagement that has frustrated our troops in recent years. The end of micromanagement and vesting more authority in the unit commanders on the ground to go after terrorist targets will be a massive boost to the combat effectiveness of front line units.

“Move America Forward staff traveled to Baghdad, Iraq in 2007 and saw how The Surge was winning the war there and making the streets safe in neighborhoods that had previously been breeding grounds for Al Qaeda in Iraq. When US troops were pulled out under Obama’s administration, we saw Iraq lose an appalling amount of territory to ISIS. The Iraqis were not prepared, as so many generals had warned. This just shows that we make progress when we put the war in the capable hands of our military leaders and we think that’s what Trump is signaling with tonight’s announcement.”

To arrange an interview with any MAF spokesperson please contact MAF Communications Director, Danny Gonzalez at (714) 926 – 6189 or e-mail [email protected] Move America Forward staff visited Baghdad in 2007 on a fact-finding mission. Gonzalez has written articles praising The Surge in Iraq during that time.

Move America Forward, a registered 501(c)(3) charity, based in Sacramento, supports our troops and their missions in the war on terror. Move America Forward is supported by hundreds of thousands of pro-troop activists, veterans and military families across the nation. To date, they have shipped over 300 tons of care packages to our troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.