March 2023 Newsletter

Veteran Owned Invader Coffee Conquers Cravings for Our Troops

Focus is key. Just ask any servicemember and they will tell you coffee is the favorite focus tool in their arsenal. Whether grinding through a long midwatch or prepping for morning reveille, our troops appreciate a great cup of Joe!

MAF wants to make sure our care packages offer a variety of treats. Coffee remains the most requested items in our care packages.  We are proud to team up with the awesome folks at veteran owned Invader Coffee. What a great way to honor those who serve by serving up small batch of premium air roasted coffee. Our troops will be pumped when they open their iconic MAF care package and breath in the rich aroma of Invaders tasty fresh ground beans.

Recently we spoke with USAF veteran Haley Lawrence from Invader Coffee and she was excited to fill us in on the backstory of Invader Coffee.  Invader Coffee’s owner and founder, USMC veteran Wes Whitlock has lots of passions, and coffee is a big one. The man loves his coffee, so he decided to make his own.  “Invader Coffee started out in 2017 as a product offering at Rogue American Apparel, Wes’s  business and it quickly took off and people wanted more and we knew we were on to something so Invader Coffee soon became it’s own entity,” explained Haley.

Initially, Invader Coffee did a specific shipment of donating several hundred bags of coffee. This donation grew out of a Veterans Day promotion and included some of their most popular unique blends like “Warhorse Bacon Bourbon” brew. Plus classic dark roasts like “Invader Black Heart Blend” and light roasts like “Pumpkin Pecan.” Talk about heaven in a mug! Bacon and bourbon together, yes please!

The bold and smooth dark roast “Black Heart” blend will satisfy the coffee drinker who likes it black, black, black. No cream or sugar here. This big old shipment just arrived and I have to say, our warehouse has never smelled better. Volunteers can’t help grabbing a bag to get a good whiff before packing it up for the troops.

Fortunately for our troops, Wes and Invader Coffee concluded, they really liked what we were doing so they decided to offer up the opportunity for their customers to purchase through their website coffee specifically earmarked for MAF’s troop care packages.

Just follow this link to BUY A BAG OF COFFEE FOR A DEPLOYED MILITARY MEMBER. Buy yourself a bag or two while you’re at it. Promise, you will like their coffee as much as we do!  Invader Coffee stands behind their coffee quality and taste. However, if you don’t love it, don’t worry. Invader offers a money back guarantee. Learn more about Invader Coffee by following them on Instagram @invadercoffee or on Facebook @invadercoffee.

Giving Back Is What Life Is All About – 2023 TOP RATED

We strive to deliver quality care packages for our troops. Additionally, we want a great experience for our volunteers and supporters. That’s why the feedback we receive on GreatNonprofits helps us to continue to grow and evolve our support mission.  We are proud to have received the 2023 Top-Rated Award from GreatNonprofits! 

Individuals post their personal experience of volunteering or their experiences as being a supporter to let us know how we are doing. Of course, we also love accounts of personal experiences of our deployed troops who have received care packages from our organization. Those are jus heartwarming and humbling!

Not to toot our own horn, but we just wanted to share some of the personal stories, like volunteers Marcus, Ramon and more who took time to recently post about about MAF on GreatNonprofits.

“We will continue our goal of supporting our troops and making MAF a truly memorable experience for our troops serving far from home” said MAF spokesman Scott Raab. “Thanks to GreatNonprofits, our supporters can feel confident that our mission is being carried out to the best of our abilities. From start to finish we are all in for our troops.”

Vietnam Veteran and Hero Paris D. Davis Presented with Medal of Honor

The Congressional Medal of Honor Society welcomes Medal of Honor Recipient  Retired Col. Paris Davis as its newest member. Davis, 83 was awarded the Medal of honor in a ceremony held at the White House on March 3, 2023.

A decorated Green Beret officer, Davis is one of just 94 African-American recipients . Davis was awarded for bravery under fire for his actions during the Vietnam War. Over the course of two brutal days during June, 1965, Davis personally led his Special Forces troops into battle. Outnumbered, Davis captured many enemy soldiers and rescued his own men while under heavy enemy fire. Despite being serious wounded himself, Davis is credited with saving the lives of several men under his command.

Although his actions occurred nearly 60 years ago, their significance have not been diminished by the passage of time.

Moreover, Davis joins a prestigious list of 3516 individuals who have been awarded the Medal of Honor. Currently, there are 65 living recipients of the Medal of Honor. COL (retired) Ralph Puckett, Jr., 96 is the oldest living recipient of the Medal of honor. Puckett’s award in 2021 for service during the Korea War took place at the White House .

Source: PRNewswire

March Military Moments

U.S. Navy graphic by Mass Communications Specialist 2nd Class Rion Codrington
  • March 3 – Happy 108th Birthday to the United States Navy Reserve
  • March 13 – Who’s a Good Boy? Celebrates K-9 Veterans Day
  • March 23 – Rosie the Riveter Day – Honoring the contributions of American Women to the War effort during WWII.  Today, American woman continue to forge new paths in non-traditional jobs both in and out of our military.
  • March 25 – Medal of Honor Day. A day to honor the most courageous men and women of our military.
  • March 29 — National Vietnam Veterans Day. Specifically, March 29, 1973, marks the date of final U.S. combat troop withdrawal from Vietnam. Help us celebrate the 9 million U.S. troops who bravely served during the Vietnam War Era.

“The Most Thoughtful and Useful Care Packages We Have Ever Received”

Your care packages are literally the most thoughtful and useful care packages we have ever received. I have been deployed in combat before and all we got was toothpaste and socks. Giving us all the products that we need like vitamins and hand cream for our environment and weather was just what we needed. It makes us realize that we are not being forgotten and that our country really cares.”

Valdeta M. United States Army r