“Eternal Pledge Of Gratitude” — Offered With Love To Our Troops

Move America Forward is proud to honor the brave men and women of the US military with this stirring tribute by Scott Raab. Their sacrifice and dedication to protecting our country will never be forgotten.

The United States military, With sacrifice and courage,
Their duty to protect and serve, Their love for country, never to waver.

Through battles fought and wars won, Through heartache and pain,
They stand tall, brave and strong, For freedom they’ll forever remain.

From the deserts to the seas, From the mountains to the skies,
They defend our nation’s liberty, With valor in their eyes.

Their sacrifice, a debt we owe, To those who’ve fallen before,
We honor them and those who go, To protect us evermore.

Through their service, they inspire, A deep and profound appreciation,
For the men and women of our military, We hold a love that’s true and pure.

We pledge to support them, In every way we can,
To show them our gratitude, For all that they have done

Scott Raab OEF/OIF US NAVY Veteran

Move America Forward understands the sacrifices made by those who serve our country. We are committed to showing our gratitude and support for our troops and their families, and we hope that ‘Eternal Pledge of Gratitude’ by Scott Raab has inspired you to join us in supporting our troops.