June 2023 Newsletter

Troopathon Returns – Back and Better than ever!!!

Troopathon is kicking off with our annual month-long Care Package drive. Look forward to a variety of broadcast partnerships airing this year’s exciting Troopathon. We will be posting schedules once we firm up our calendar. However, I can tell you Troopathon will air the week leading up to 4th of July.

Troopathon is hosted by Rita Cosby, an Emmy award winning TV and WABC Radio Host and NYT Best-Selling author. Joining Rita as co-host is our founder Melanie Morgan. Melanie, a published author and radio host has spent an entire career advocating for the troops. Whether behind the microphone or speaking at public events, Melanie’s love for our troops is undeniable. 

Rita and Melanie will be joined on air by many other Pro-Troop supporters! Look forward to hearing first-hand from Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Laura Ingram and members of our military.

In order to expand our broadcast networks, reach to as many patriotic Americans as possible we are shortening the Troopathon broadcast to just 30 minutes.  Nevertheless, our goal remains to send the largest single shipment of care packages to our troops for the year!

To be sure, troop packages sponsored through Troopathon are the best and easiest way to donate to our troops. No running to the store, no confusing customs forms, and postal regulations. Simply donate online or by phone. MAF’s team of dedicated volunteers will lovingly pack and send your care package full of the absolute very best items our troops crave. Moreover, you can include your personal message of support. What’s more, Every gift is tax-deductible!

If you are considering sending a Troopathon package, you can beat the rush and order now, your package will be included in our Troopathon goal.

Calling All Angels

Like many other non-profits and businesses, Move America Forward faced tough times through the COVID-19 pandemic and are now being squeezed financially by on-going inflation. That, coupled with American’s focus on other domestic issues, support for the Troops is WAY down.

We have a Troopathon program ready to go, but we need to raise $35,000 to pay for a media buy to get it on the airwaves. For these reasons, we are calling on our most loyal and special donors to become a Troopathon “Angel” to help us get this done.

If you could consider Angel support, we are asking that you make a generous tax-deductible donation of $500 or more to become a Troopathon Angel.

Since your contribution will be used to get Troopathon on-air, where we raise more money for care packages, your dollars will be expanded exponentially. Your dollars will allow us to raise more dollars making your contribution grow. All donations are tax deductible.

Our troops are seeing a lack of support and we need to step up and fill that void and let them know that we the American people still appreciate their sacrifice and all they do to keep us safe.

This worthy effort is only possible thanks to the generosity of our great MAF Angels that enable us to produce, broadcast and air a program worthy of our troops every year.

Salute Our Military Dads

Chances are good if you are a military dad, you just might be deployed on Father’s Day. If not this year, then most likely at some point in your military career you’ve missed a Father’s Day at home. Just one? Probably not, but who’s counting after all?

This year will be no different for thousands of our military dads. Yet another holiday serving overseas or standing duty. Yes, it is undoubtably just part of the job. But try on those dusty boots for just one moment. Imagine a first-time father with a little hole in his heart and in his arms. You bet he’d like to be hugging his kids today. Father’s Day, yet no chance to hug their own sons, daughters and fathers.

Playing a game of catch or maybe grilling up burgers and dogs while downing a cold beverage? Not likely. For many the reality of Father’s Day might be a video chat while swigging down a canteen of stale water. Sounds more than a little lonely to me.

Whether sons deployed overseas, making their fathers proud, or dads serving to protect their families, join us in prayer for their safety and success. Here’s to all our hero dads this Father’s Day.

Cheers to You, Dad

Take a moment today to honor the thousands of military families who spent Father’s Day away from each other, because Dad is thousands of miles away fighting for the USA. Protecting us all, like a good dad. All our troops deserve our love and support, why not say thanks by SENDING A THOUGHTFUL CARE PACKAGE full of great food, personal care items and most of all a note of support from you!


June is PTSD Awareness Month

Not all wounds are visible. Indeed, some of our service members who proudly sacrifice and serve return home carrying deep wounds. The rates of homelessness, depression and suicide are higher among our veterans than among the general population. The Department of Veterans Affairs is working hard to address the needs of our veterans, their families and loved ones. For more information on how to spot the signs and seek treatment for PTSD, visit PTSD Awareness

D-Day Remembered

June 6 marks the 79th anniversary of the WWII D-Day Invasion. Thousands died in the bloody conflict which marked the turning point of the war in Europe. Today, the number of D-Day survivors stands at approximately 3,000.

 Irving Locker, the diminutive 98-year-old WWII veteran, took part in the pivotal June 6, 1944 D-Day invasion as a Staff Sgt. with the 116th AAA Gun Battalion. Irving, a friend of Move America Forward knows first-hand what duty, sacrifice and dedication to country means.

 Locker is passionate in his mission to share the history of the war in Europe as seen through his eyes and recorded in a book he carries with him that documents every single day of the war for his battalion.

Locker has dedicated his time to educating young people and civic groups about his experiences as a young soldier during the war. “I speak to young people, I go to the schools, groups and talk to them about history, I have a Power Point I do, and listen, I tell these young children freedom isn’t free.  Many, many people, millions of people have died, given their lives, so you can be free. So that the children today can live free.”

To learn hear more about Irving Locker’s first-hand account, check out this clip from Troopathon

Happy 248th Birthday U.S. Army

June 14th marks the 248th birthday of the United States Army. The U.S. Army is not only the oldest armed service but also the largest branch of service. In fact the Army has over 480,000 members currently serving on active duty. The history of our modern-day Army goes all the way back to our Revolutionary War roots. In fact, the Second Continental Congress convened to unanimously appoint George Washington as commander-in-chief in the summer of 1775. The rest is, as they say, history.

Time to Wave the Red, White and Blue –Flag Day

Not only is June 14th the date to celebrate the Army’s birthday, but it is also the day set aside to honor our great American Flag. Hoist up Old Glory and show your American pride on June 14th, or in fact, any day. Our flag stands for freedom from tyranny, sacrifice and valor. The red, white, and blue of our flag and its fifty brilliant stars is symbolic of every American and the amazing freedoms we all enjoy. So wave your flag and may God continue to bless the USA.

Girl Scout Cookies for Beale & Travis AFB

Recently we had the pleasure of treating airmen stationed at Travis Air Force Base and Beale Air Force Base to a a generous shipment of tasty Girl Scout Cookies. Although the majority of our support efforts revolve around our deployed troops. In addition, we do have occasion to treat our state-side troops from time-to-time.

Girl Scouts partner with Move America Forward through their donation program where cookies are donated by various councils on behalf of cookie buyers to be distributed to various non-profits. MAF is luckily a key partner and we are proud to include Gril Scout Cookies in many troop care packages. Care packages shipped by us can include Girl Scout Cookies, coffee, personal care items, socks, jerky, Gatorade, Crystal Light and many more items requested by our troops.

June Photo of the Month

Its amazing getting a little slice of home when you haven’t been there in 6-12 months. Seeing that people care really helps boost the morale of the team.

Nathan M. — USAF, deployed