July 2023 Newsletter

Troopathon Returns to Support our Brave Heroes

Troopathon is our version of Christmas in July for the troops!  This year, we rolled up our sleeves and got busy streamlining our Troopathon broadcast. Thus allowing us to reach an even greater audience. What a win for our troops. However, this doesn’t mean Troopathon is less exciting. Quite the contrary! We hosted a fantastic group of pro-troop public figures including Sean Hannity, Marc Levin, Laura Ingram and more.

Returning to host was our dynamic duo, Rita Cosby, and Melanie Morgan. Rita Cosby is an Emmy award winning TV and WABC Radio Host and NYT Best-Selling author. And Melanie is the founder of our charity, a published author, and radio host who has spent an entire career advocating for the troops. Whether behind the microphone or speaking at public events, Rita and Melanie’s love for our troops is undeniable.  

Check Out a Sample of our Broadcast Partners

Our goal is to broaden awareness of our charity and to more importantly raise the funds necessary to continue our vital mission of supporting our troops with care packages of love from home.

Indeed, don’t lose out on riveting first-hand accounts from our troops. Moreover, take a peek at the day-to-day lives of our brave heroes . Can you imaging being far from home and having to wait nearly half a year to hold your baby for the first time? Well, for our troops, it’s part of the job. These are important stories to hear. Furthermore, most of us never have to consider making these profound sacrifices. Listen in as they share their very personal accounts with us.

Last, but certainly not least, special thanks to the generous support of our amazing Troopathon Angels. Thanks to them we were able offer Troopathon again this year. Equally important is your support. Unquestionably, we need you too! Please consider generously supporting our troops with a care package as your way of saying “Thanks so much!” There is still time to donate since Troopathon runs through July and we have thousands of troops hoping for your support.

Happy Birthday America

Neighborhood barbecues, parades, fireworks, and Old Glory waving in the hot July breeze. Bring it on! Without a doubt, we enjoyed our coveted day off and all the festivities involved with celebrating America’s birthday. Three cheers for the good old USA! Hope it was a good one for all.

Traditionally, 4th of July offers up all kinds of fun in the sun. Camping, perhaps a trip to the beach.  Firing up the grill, waving the stars and stripes and watching some awesome fireworks as the night sky darkens to a velvety dark hue.

As those of us back home enjoyed our holiday, let’s not forget our troops in Europe, Africa or the Middle East … they still need our support!

Indeed, without our troops protecting our homeland we would not have the privilege to safely celebrate our great nation. To be sure, many of our troops did not have the day off – they’ performed the same mission they perform every day: defending our freedom.

No matter how you celebrated this 4th of July, we hope you’ll still take some time out to think about our troops. We cannot fail to recognize the sacrifice of our troops, stretching back in time all the way back to our ragtag foundation. It remains imperative we support the troops currently risking their lives for our sake.

We trust all our supporters enjoyed a fun and safe Independence Day. Stay healthy, enjoy your freedom and prosperity in the USA and most of all God Bless America and God Bless our troops.

Peek Inside the Box

Check out some of the special items that can be found in our care packages that help support our troops during these steamy summer days.

Thirst Quenchers

A warm mouthful of stale canteen water goes down a lot easier thanks to the thirst quenching addition of Crystal Light and other powdered drink mixes found in our troop care packages. In addition to adding some much appreciated flavor, our troops benefit from the added hydration and electrolytes. Covered from head to toe in heavy gear, our troops can sweat out pounds of fluid, but thanks to Crystal Light replenishing vital fluids just got a lot more delicious.

GU Energy Gels

GU Energy Shots deliver fast energy to those who need it most! Innovative GU Energy is a gel-based energy supplement that delivers vital carbs and electrolytes in a potent and concentrated gel. Moreover, GU’s small and portable package gives a big shot of energy just when our tired troops need it most!

In addition, our care packages contain all kinds of goodies our troops crave, from cookies to coffee and a variety of personal care items like sunscreen, hand and face wipes, boot socks and more.

MAF Teams with the Red Cross for Operation Care Package

Once again, MAF teamed up with the local Red Cross for Operation Care Package. After a break in the program due to Covid restraints, we are back to assist with Operation Care Package. On June 2nd, MAF joined the Red Cross, KCRA Channel 3, and local Blue Star Mom at the Roseville Auto Mall to help collect product donations for care packages.

“Again, It’s a great community effort.” said MAF spokesperson, Scott Raab. “Further, people get really excited to stop on by. Not only that, but they can even drive up and drop off donated items without exiting their vehicle. People love that their actual items are bound for our troops.” Indisputably, getting involved first-hand shows our troops you care. Many of the items will end up in our care packages. ” No doubt, It’s a great cause,” continued Raab, “To know there is a troop somewhere down the line that will receive an item you personally selected, that’s awesome.”

In addition to the special care packages shipped to deployed military members, contributions will be distributed to local service organizations. These community partnerships help meet the needs of our service members and veterans throughout the area.

Check out this clip from KCRA –Sacramento who was on hand to cover the annual event.

Our Awesome Volunteers at Work

This month we were fortunate to host a variety of volunteers. In addition to local FedEx volunteers, we had local representatives from many service organizations. Bustling in and out of the warehouse, busily filling, hauling and prepping boxes for shipment. In addition to local veteran volunteers we hosted, Mom and daughter teams from National Charity League as well as our very special adults with disabilities.

It Feels Like Someone Cares

We love to receive the letters and packages as it feels like someone cares for us being out here, specially for those who have mono family back home it is a blessing.”

Erica F. –USAF Deployed