January 2024 Newsletter

Ring in 2024 with a Smile!

The Christmas season can be so hectic. Sometimes we just don’t quite get around to checking everything off our “To Do” list.  If you intended on sending a care package to our troops for Christmas don’t fret. Just never got around to it? Why not take the time to start of the New Year with a gift to our hard-working troops?

The holidays may be in our rearview as decorations are stowed, strings of lights packed up and trees relegated to the attic or to the curb. However, that doesn’t mean our troops are not hoping for a care package from home.

Daily we see an influx of care package requests from our deployed troops.  Indeed, with more troops on the move, for longer deployments in truly dangerous conditions, your support is more vital than ever before.

 Furthermore, we’ve made it so simple to join our contract-free Monthly Smiles Program. Monthly giving allows you to support our troops year-round.  Hassle free giving without the bother of getting on the website and sending a care package.

Monthly giving is a snap. When checking out just highlight the button to made your donation monthly, quarterly, or annually.  Moreover, you can dedicate your donation in honor or in memory of someone you hold dear. Finally, your care package wouldn’t be complete without your personal message of support. You don’t need to be Faulkner or Shakespeare to dash off a heart felt letter letting your troop know you are thinking of them. 

What a way to start the year, a gift of caring that will let our troops know you have their back.

Check Your Inbox for Your Annual Giving Summary

The taxman commeth! Don’t worry, we make it easy to see your annual giving.

 In fact, end of the year Annual Giving Summary were emailed on January 5, 2023. Not seeing it?  Might need to check your junk mail.  Look for the subject line “Year-end Annual Giving Receipt for {your name} from Move America Forward.” Receipts were emailed to the email address we have on file for you.

Still don’t see it?  Don’t worry! Furthermore, as a convenience, we are resending your end of the year summary again on February 1, 2024.

Additionally, request it at any time by calling us at  (916) 441-6197. Hey, don’t want to call, we get it. Simply dash off an email [email protected] . We’ll take care of you! After all, you take amazing care of our troops and we appreciate it. That’s why we will make sure receipts are easy breezy.


Attacks on U.S. Troops Rising

Our troops face dangers from drones, rockets, missiles, and mortars.  As tensions rise in the Middle East, threats escalate. With recent attacks ramping up in the Red Sea our troops in conjunction with International Forces seek to protect merchant and military vessels from attack in the area.

Per a recently published article in Air Force Times by Meghann Myers, the Pentagon bureau chief at Military Times, attacks on U.S. troops are on the rise.  With as many as 130 attacks taking place since mid-October.

According to Myers article, “When it comes to U.S. forces in the region, again, we’re there for one reason and one reason only, which is the enduring defeat of ISIS,” Air Force Maj. Gen. Pat Ryder told reporters during a briefing. “And so we will continue to call on these Iranian proxies to cease these attacks, but we won’t hesitate, as we’ve demonstrated in the past, to take appropriate action to protect our forces should we need to do that.”

This dangerous escalation continues to put our troops in harms way. As much as this should be front and center of the news cycle it simply isn’t. Our troops risk their lives daily as they serve to defend and protect our interests both home and abroad.

GU Energy for Serious Hydration

Our troops love hearing their name called our at mail call! Indeed, tearing into an iconic Move America Forward care package brings loads of special treats from home. Thanks to GU, our troops are now finding Roctane Energy Drink Mix and GU hydration drink tabs and energy gels. GU Energy delivers with its ultra endurance performance drinks, tabs and gels in tasty flavors like grape and lemons berry and tropical fruit.

Further, these handy no-mess resealable pouches and convenient tab cylinders make hydration easy and convenient. ROCTANE Energy Drink Mix delivers a carbohydrate intensive energy and hydration drink that provides just what our hard-working troops require. Moreover, Roctane is designed to keep our service members feeling replenished during often long and intense missions. Delivering a light and refreshing taste that is not overly sweet or syrupy, Roctane and GU hydration tabs contain the critical carbs and electrolyte replenishment needed. Furthermore, Roctane Energy Drink Mix and GU hydrations tabs dissolve easily in water without leaving unappealing globs to clean out later.

At MAF, we are always on the hunt for great products to offer our deserving troops. We are proud to offer up Roctane, GU hydration tabs as well as other GU products like Gu energy gels in our current care package offerings.

January Photo of the Month

It feels like our people at home are thinking of us and that they care about us. It keeps our spirits high as we continue ongoing operations away from friends and family in order to protect our nation’s freedom.

Robert N. — USAF — Deployed