January 2022 Newsletter

Not Your Typical Christmas Party

MAF rounded out 2021 with an epic packing and shipping party to ensure our troops get the love from home they deserve.  Thanks to an amazing crew of over 50 dedicated community and business volunteers, we were able to crush our goal and shipped out over 3,200 care packages. 

We were even able to pack up 500 additional care packages that will be shipping out soon. Each care package is stuffed to the brim with items like See’s candy, candy canes, hot chocolate, and festive Christmas stockings full of special treats, all to be sure our troops enjoy an authentic taste of Christmas from home.

As always, the highlight for our troops is often the special message our troops cherish that is included with every care package. These notes of encouragement from our fantastic supporters who chose to show the love to our troops during the hectic Christmas season are sure to bring a smile to our weary troops faces.  Thanks to all of you who donated packages assuring our troops they have not been forgotten.

Local media joined us to help highlight all the good we are able to achieve thanks to all our supporters. We though you would enjoy this coverage from Good Day Sacramento.

Additionally, CBS 13 and NBC affiliate KCRA channel 3 news came out to cover our event and both stations aired coverage on their evening broadcasts.

A Chaplain Writes To Say Thank You

We frequently receive emails or letters of thanks from troops we have supported. Recently we were humbled to receive the following note from a unit chaplain who also included some great photos we just had to share with you. If you’ve ever wondered if the troops really care about receiving support from home, this note should leave no doubt in your mind.

“2 DEC 2021

Dear Move America Forward,

On behalf of our Unit Ministry Team, Chaplain 1LT Seo, PFC Cho (KATUSA ROKA, “Republic of Korea Army”, and myself PFC Ramdhansingh. We want to thank you for your support and prayers to our soldier. We are blessed to receive this Care Package with love. God bless you for you effort and dedication to support us. At this moment, we are distributing all the care packages to our soldiers and we also have some appreciation postcards from our soldiers that will be sent back to United States.

We are very happy and grateful to hear about how you guys support our units, we sincerely appreciate. Merry Christmas, And Happy New Year!


UMT 4-1FA”

So who knows, maybe you will be one of the lucky supporters who sent this group care packages and will receive one of their promised thank you notes. Just remember, these packages made some luckily troops very happy this Christmas season.

MAF Partners With See’s For Soldiers To Bring Sweet Treats To Our Troops

MAF is proud to be the official partner to See’s Candies See’s for Soldiers program. We are excited to receive high quality See’s Candies, an iconic candy maker serving up premium chocolates for over 95 years. Thanks to the See’s for Soldiers program, our troops can look forward to finding some extra special treats in their care packages for a limited time while our supply lasts. 

We’re bringing back a sweet tradition and a favorite of Move America Forward that has delighted our troops every year that we do it! We’re partnering up with See’s for Soldiers support group to bring the joy of See’s Candies to our troops.

They’ve provided MAF with exclusive gift boxes of See’s Candies to add into our care packages and we can’t wait to see the big smiles these extra sweet surprises bring. Just imagine being a deployed troop feeling a bit glum from spending Christmas far from loved ones and family. The excitement of receiving a care package might really help lift the spirits, especially with so much negative news spinning around right now. We are proud to help support our troops and very excited to provide our troops with the extra special See’s Candies we are currently offering.

If you have sent a care package to our troops recently, your package just might include the extra surprise of a box of See’s for Soldier’s candies.

Need A Resolution That Is Easy To Keep? Monthly Support Is For You

Resolutions, we all make them but most of us don’t end up keeping them Let’s face it, we all want to start the New Year off with some great big plans so we shoot for the stars and confidently declare “This is going to be the year I keep my New Year’s resolution!” Be it daily trips to the gym, or less frequent trips to the drive through for those tasty but not so good for us burgers and fries. Or maybe something as simple as “I’m going to read more books and watch less television!”

Well, come about February that extra hour of sleep in the morning or the convenience of a quick trip through the golden arches just gets a bit harder to maintain. Even vegging out in front of the TV is just sometimes is too tempting to resist.

We want to help you out in 2022 by offering up a New Years resolution that is pretty danged easy to keep. Our Monthly Smiles Program is super easy to sign up for. When you send a package to our troops at check out you are given the option to make it a one-time only gift or, just by clicking a box you can change that to an ongoing support package.

STEP 1: Add the desired package to your cart.

STEP 2: On the next screen fill in your message for the troops and check the option at the bottom that says “Yes, I want to donate every month”

Step 3: Select how often you want care packages sent. 1 for every month, 2 for six times a year, 3 for quarterly, etc.

Step 4: Once you’ve made your selection click “Check Out” and proceed to the billing information. You can check to make sure your monthly plan is correct on the Order Summary on this page. Continue the billing and payment process to check out and you’re done!

Just think of all the joy you can spread through choosing to support our troops on a monthly basis.

I promise, you won’t regret the good feeling you get knowing that thank to you, there will be an actual troop receiving a real care package from you, and not just one, many.

The great thing about Monthly Smiles is there is no contract, so if you ever need to, you can cancel any time and still know how much we and our troops have appreciated your generous support.

When you sponsor monthly, the note you include with your first package will automatically be included with all your monthly support packages so each troop receiving a package from you will also receive a personal note of support from you. As a bonus, our monthly smiles troop support care packages are 100% tax deductible.

So Happy New Year from all of us at Move America Forward, sign up today and put a smile on a troops face all year round.

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