Get Peeps Before they are Gone!

Move America Forward proudly offers squishy, yummy Peeps in our seasonal Easter Troop Care Packages!

We know our troops miss their families and there is truly no place like home, so at MAF we try to make sure we bring some of our American traditions to our troops no matter how far from home they may be. We know it is important that our troops have a physical reminder that we care about them and are thinking of them and have not forgotten about them. So while they may miss out on Easter egg hunts and baskets full of goodies, they can still enjoy a great big care package full of love from home. Nothing lifts the spirits of our troops like a note from home including a personal note of support from you! When you send a care package through Move America Forward, we include space for you to write your very own note of support. You don’t need to be Shakespeare or Hemingway to let out troops know you value them, they will appreciate your kind words and encouragement more than you can ever know.

Easter is full of traditions and one tradition MAF like to carry on is our commitment to making sure our seasonal Easter packages for our troops contain Peeps in addition to items soldiers crave like, Rogers Family gourmet coffee, beef jerky, Oreo cookies, Gatorade, lip balm, Dude Wipes, deodorant and more offerings to remind our troops that home isn’t really that

April 2017 Newsletter