December 2019 Newsletter

Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas!


At MAF, it truly is the most wonderful time of the year!  With the help of our awesome elves (a.k.a. volunteers), we love playing Santa to our deserving troops with the hopes that they will wake up Christmas morning with a present under their tree.


During much of December, MAF headquarters turns into Santa\’s workshop and all our busy elves work cheerfully stuffing our special Christmas care packages full of all our regular care package goodies like jerky, nuts, cookies and personal care items, plus some extra special Christmas treats. The special Christmas treats include rich hot cocoa, red striped candy canes fragrant with refreshing peppermint, festive fleecy Christmas stocking stuffed full of candy and specialty gourmet coffee that our troops will be happy to brew for those early morning patrols.

Troops who received MAF packages last Christmas
Who needs a little Christmas cheer?

Without the support from all of you, our troops could face a much bleaker Christmas morning. Just imagine spending Christmas alone, thousands of miles from your comfortable home and loving family. 

This is how our men and women of the military will be spending their holiday season as they fight for our freedoms in Afghanistan, Iraq, and across the globe.


That is where a little TLC from the home-front can make all the difference in the world. Our troops deserve to be remembered at Christmas, and we are thankful to all our amazing troop supporters who step up to make sure our troops won\’t be left empty handed this Christmas.


Best of all, our care packages include amazing notes of support to let our troops know just how special we know they are.

This Christmas, do join our elves in making Christmas a special time of caring and sharing our love and support for our brave troops.

Send a special Christmas care package HERE

Sacramento Sheriff\’s Deputies step up to lend a helping hand for holiday shipping

Our friends from the Sacramento Sheriff\’s Department know what it means to serve and protect. These awesome deputies pitched in to help us pack up care packages for our troops at our headquarters.

Check out the big smiles we enjoyed, along with a positive can-do attitude, from our very special local volunteers from the Sacramento Sheriff\’s Department. These fine deputies were eager to lend a hand to help ensure our troops would soon be receiving some top-notch care packages. Many of these local law enforcement heroes are military veterans themselves so they understand how great it feels to hear your name called out during mail call . These civic-minded volunteers helped pack HUNDREDS of boxes destined for troops!

These boxes destined for holiday shipping are loaded with holiday treats for our troops, but you can help by sponsoring more boxes for our servicemen and women.


The Sacramento Sheriff\’s Department are one of our many volunteer groups who come in throughout the year to help us assemble, pack and ship our troop care packages.

In November alone, MAF was honored to host volunteers from the Folsom Chapter of the National Charity League, local probation officers, Bradshaw Christian School, and even a karate academy. We are happy to see the spirit of volunteerism shines bright in our local community. Thanks to all these dedicated volunteers as well as our amazing care package sponsors who allow us to continue our mission of troops support.

Turn Christmas support into the gift of year-round support with Monthly Smiles – Adopt a Troop Program

It’s easy to schedule your monthly troop support care package today. We will remember to send a package out for you each month through our Monthly Smiles – Adopt a Troop Program to keep the smiles coming year-round!

Christmas seems to come and go in a flurry of excitement and hope. More than ever, life gets busy and sometimes you can forget to sponsor a care package as often as you might have intended. So long after the glow of that extra special Christmas packages fades into a warm memory, our brave troops will still be deployed and still hoping they might receive a little something from home.

If you want to support the troops, but you sometimes forget, or want to make the process easier and automated, the Monthly Smiles Adopt a Troop Program is perfect for you. Just sign up and we will remember to send a package out from every month or however regularly you prefer.  

If you are interested in joining our Monthly Smiles program, during the checkout process just select the field like you see below that indicates you would like to send packages year round and select your frequency and you are all set!


It\’s super easy and if your life changes, you are not locked into any long term contract, just let us know and we an stop your Monthly Smiles at any time. It\’s so simple, you will love it and so will our troops!

For any questions about Monthly Smiles – Adopt a Troop Program, email Lisa at [email protected].

Share your love and support with our K-9 Troops, these brave heroes serve too!

As we celebrate Christmas, don\’t forget man\’s best friend! Christmas is a perfect day to remember the K-9\’s in the military, those furry four-legged friends who serve alongside our troops all over the world.

Who\’s a Good Boy?!

Military Working Dogs have been used for years by our men and women in uniform deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan. Of course we are all aware of the brave military dog, Conan who recently visited the White House to be honored after helping to bring down ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

These dogs highly trained and are instrumental in sniffing out IEDs, bomb making materials, patrolling, and standing guard. It\’s as dangerous for these K-9\’s as it is for our soldiers, especially in the harsh environment of Afghanistan. IED\’s threaten our troops as well as the local Afghan civilians, so every bomb found by a K9 warrior means innocent lives are saved.


To all our supporters who send out K-9 packages we say thanks you! We offer K-9 packages year-round so if you would like to send a care package to one of our brave four legged troops, it’s not too late!

All of our K-9 care packages include all of the normal items that will be enjoyed by the troop dog handler, as well as special items like Kong Toys for the hard working K9.

Sponsor a K9 care package today HERE

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