April 2019 Newsletter


Peeps Make an Easter Landing

Sunrise service in our Easter finery, family gathered for photos and fellowship. Special vacations in sunny places while the kids are off school for the week. Easter baskets overloaded with treats, egg hunts, a big family dinner with all the trimmings from a country ham to fresh baked biscuits with butter. Hugs from little ones with sticky fingers smeared with chocolate, smiles, debating the protocol of which to do first, bite off the ears or tails of our chocolate bunnies — I vote for ears!

These are all common memories we share of Easter and Springtime that bring smiles to our faces and warm our hearts just looking forward to them or reminiscing on those Easters in our past.

What about our deployed troops? What will they be doing as they serve, life on the line for us this Easter Sunday? Sure, it\’s their job and they know what they signed up for. The fear,the monotony, the dangerous life-threatening situations they face time and time again during their service far from home. They don\’t complain, they don\’t brag, they humbly serve knowing they are the best prepared troops in the history of the world. They are here to protect us, our freedoms and the safety and security of our nation because one day they hope to come home knowing they have done what has been demanded of them by their leaders, their conscience and their oath of service.

If it is their job to serve, then it naturally follows it is our job to support, This is why the primary mission of Move America Forward is to support our troops serving far from home, but this mission requires help from dedicated patriots like you. We need you to help ensure our troops receive the extra love and support they need.

Just imagine what a morale boost it is for our troops to hear their name announced at mail call! A package full of goodies, and since it is Easter time, that package will include special treats like Girl Scout cookies, the iconic Thin Mints and the original Trefoils and many more! Big bonus, for a limited time only, squishy, sugar-dusted marshmallow Peeps! Peeps, a beloved Easter tradition, loved by our troops will be landing in our care packages! Cookies,coffee, candy, jerky, personal care items and more, however, the very best item in that care package is the personal note of support you can include letting our troops know that you have their back and you are thinking of them. What an amazing gift of support.

It\’s super easy to send a package, and it certainly doesn\’t hurt that all our packages are 100% tax deductible and backed by our Platinum Seal from GuideStar and our Top Nonprofits designation from Great Nonprofits, our partnership with United Way and our inclusion in the National Resource Directory. You can put your mind at ease knowing 91 cents of each dollar goes directly to our care package program, we work hard to maximize your support so our troops benefit with awesome care packages filled with love.


Dionne Warwick with her Troopathon 2018 Plaque

All Smiles from The Legendary Dionne Warwick Troopathon Guest & Supporter

Dionne Warwick is a living legend in the music industry, with a careers spanning over five decades and earning more than a dozen Grammy nominations and five Grammy wins to her name for hits like \”Do You Know the Way to San Jose\”, \”I\’ll Never Fall in Love Again\”, and \”That\’s What Friends are For\” and if that isn\’t enough, she has countless movie and television credits to her name and has served as United Nations Global Ambassador.

Dionne Warwick comes from a Gospel background and has always had a passion for service to her fellow men and women and it shows in all she does.

We sent Ms. Warwick a plaque and letter of appreciation for her hard work on Troopathon and she was kind enough to send us this lovely picture of her receiving them. Thanks you Dionne Warwick and we hope to see you again on our next Troopathon this summer!


Photo of the Month — Greetings from Afghanistan

We often hear questions like \”Do the troops really need packages? or \”Does Move American Forward really send my package to our troops?\” Well the answer to both is a resounding yes. Just check out these big, joyful smiles from real troops as they break into and share the goodies from their Move America Forward care package. Socks, candy, books, a letter and a whole lot of love from home is sure to bring smiles to our troops! It\’s safe to say this was a successful mission!

There are still thousands of troops deployed overseas to dangerous and hostile areas, so let\’s keep those smiles coming.


Black Rifle Coffee — Seriously Good!

We are so grateful to receive donated items for our care packages, and this donation of Black Rifle Coffee is sure to keep our troops alert and ready for duty. Good coffee is our #1 requested item from our troops, getting some specialty coffee for their personal consumption really bring a big smiles. What is better than a good cup of premium coffee to start the old rise and grind our troops face each and every day. If you would like to volunteer or have a donation that would fit well with our care package program like this Black Rifle Coffee, we would love to hear from you! Scott Raab, our Outreach Director is always available to discuss troop support. Contact him by email at [email protected]