9/11 Memorial in West Sacramento Never Forget

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September 9, 2017
John Vinson (916) 716-3502



I am writing to let you know the 9-11 Memorial Flag Display my family and I present each year in West Sacramento will be returning for our 16th year. This annual flag tribute boasts 500- 3’x5’ American Flags, and nearly 3000 small American flags, each one representing a life that was lost that tragic day in New York.   The Tribute also presents displays representing the various locations and groups who gave their lives so selflessly, such as the firefighters, the New York Police Department, the EMT’s, the New York Port Authority, and others.  Displays representing the victims who were lost at the Pentagon, Flight 93, Benghazi, the Boston Marathon, and the Twin Towers are also erected. This year two new exhibits have been added to honor the victims of terror attacks in San Bernardino and Orlando with 14 and 49 flags, respectively, to honor the innocent people killed in those attacks.

This year we have added a bulletin board where visitors can post pictures of their family and friends who are serving or have served in the military.  Those posting photos are also welcome to add a commentary if they so choose.  We encourage people to bring these photos and stories as we believe our military folks are our true American Hero’s.

This family friendly display is well lit at night and will be open 24 hours a day for public viewing from the morning of Friday September 9th through September 11th. Our bugler from Buglers across America will return again to play taps at the times when each plane hit, beginning at 5:46 am Pacific Time.  Taps will be blown five times, one for each of the planes that went down and one last time for the many victims that followed as a result of that fateful day.

We are very hopeful your station will cover this event again this year as you have in years past. We have logged over 2,300 attendees each year for the past several years, many of whom tell us they learned of the event on the news.  You can google John Vinson 9-11 for more information about the history of the event and some of the news coverage from years past.

We look forward to seeing your news crew in the field again this year.

Memorial Flag Tribute
Corner of Jefferson Blvd. and Lock Drive (formerly South River Road)
West Sacramento, CA

Open for public viewing September 9th through 11th, 24 hours a day

John Vinson
(916) 716-3502
[email protected]