Veterans Day Care Packages for the Troops

MAF Partners with US Post Office to Ship Over 2,000 Boxes Overseas

SHIPPING EVENT TODAY in Observance of Nov 11th Veterans Day


Thousands of troops deployed overseas are about to receive a warm Veterans Day greeting and a box full of joy and goodies from local charity Move America Forward. To honor our Veterans and support a new generations of veterans in the making, Move America Forward is packing up and sending our military over 2,000 boxes of care packages.

The United States Postal Service has teamed up with Move America Forward to spread the word these care packages and remind Americans all around the country to think about our troops and send military mail through USPS boxes. The US Postal Service has special boxes for shipping to the military marked “America Supports You” so the message of love and gratitude for our armed services goes on every box.

WHEN: Tuesday, November 9, 2021, 11 AM-12 PM

WHERE: Move America Forward – 3105 Fite Circle, Suite 108 Sacramento, CA 95827 MAP

WHO: Volunteers packing boxes for the troops filled with treats that are hard to come by overseas, such as gourmet coffee, beef jerky, assorted candy, protein bars, mixed nuts, and useful personal care items like socks, deodorant, lip balm, skin cream, toothpaste and much more. Also shipping 2,000 care packages which will be picked up by the largest available USPS trucks. The care packages are loaded up by the pallet-full and each pallet will be hoisted up into USPS trucks until all the boxes are gone. USPS pickup is scheduled for 11 AM.

Move America Forward, one of the nation’s top-rated and nationally recognized charities for serving the troops on the front lines. We’ve shipped over 696 TONS of care packages to active duty troops deployed around the globe.

AVAILABLE INTERVIEWS: USPS Strategic Communications Specialist Meiko Patton will be available to provide a special message from the US Post Office, along with USPS Driver, also a Veteran himself, Tim Scott and US Navy Veteran Scott Raab, as Move America Forward Director of Operations will be giving interviews to media in attendance.