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In the week leading up to September 11, 2016, Central Library hosted a donation drive + letter writing campaign. People were encouraged to donate items that active duty military (and military service animals) could use, as well as to write letters to these soldiers. The items and letters collected were gathered and distributed by Move America Forward, “a military charity and the nation’s largest grassroots pro-troop organization.” In addition to materials and letters solicited from our staff and patrons, I told my daughter’s teacher about this, and she had her eighth grade class write letters to the soldiers.

Yesterday, unbeknownst to the students or the teacher, one of the soldiers who received one of these letters visited their school (Penryn Elementary, in Placer County). As it turns out, he also attended Penryn Elementary as a child! He talked to the students about how much their letters meant, joked “You think school lunch is bad? You should see what we were eating in Afghanistan!” and told them that response letters had been written, and then mistakenly included in a supply drop to troops elsewhere in Afghanistan. Each student was given a patch, and he told them all the patches had been worn by the soldiers that had received their letters.

I thought this was such a great story, so I just had to share!\”

Jennifer H.
Sacramento Public Library
March 2017 Newsletter