November 2021 Newsletter

Thank YOU for Your Service!

Thursday, November 11th, is Veterans Day. Let’s all take this opportunity to thank all of those who have served our great nation. To all of our Veterans, we at Move America Forward say “Thank You!” Because of your sacrifice and service, we can go about our daily lives knowing our homeland remains safe. Please take the time to thank your friends, co-workers or loved ones this year who have served our country.  In honor of America’s brave veterans, please take the time to fly your flag with pride.

Move America Forward enjoys a special relationship with our veterans, they are often among our most dedicated volunteers because they personally know what it means to miss family events like the birth of children, holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, anniversaries, and routine events like Sunday dinners or Fall hikes among the brilliant autumn colors. Our veterans donate countless hours helping us pack boxes for our troops, and assist us with many of our countless tasks required to help us put care packages in the hands of those currently serving.  We are proud to say we count scores of veterans among our Monthly Smiles supporters a well.

If you are a veteran, check out some of these discounts and deals available to Veterans.

Veterans Day is sometimes confused with Memorial Day; however, they are very different and their differences are important. Veterans Day, celebrated annually on November 11, honors the service of all U.S. military veterans, whereas Memorial Day is observed on the last Monday of May each year, and is a day of remembrance for the men and women who gave their lives in service.

We’d like to remind you when you order a care package you are given the opportunity to send out your package in honor of your loved one who has served. Simply enter your order and in the message area please enter your message to our troops and let them know in whose honor you are sending your package.

Please enjoy some photos of our many veteran volunteers and Thank You for Your Service!

We Gather to give Thanks

Turkey with all the trimmings, football on TV, families traveling far and near to be together. Thanksgiving is a holiday rooted in the tradition of gathering around the table with loved-ones to share a feast and quite literally offer Thanksgiving for the gifts in our lives and the prosperity we share. This year we can be even more thankful as we are not under the severe restrictions under which we gathered last Thanksgiving.  

We need to take the time to count our blessings, bow our heads in praise and remember family and friends who can’t be with us to share the day, like the thousands of troops still deployed who will be celebrating a much more meager and humble feast.  Some of our troops may even be looking at the prospect of tucking in to some of the less appetizing MRE (Meals Ready to Eat). At Move America Forward we’re thankful to each and every one of you who send packages and messages of support to our deployed to let them know they’re not forgotten.

We are happy to be able to offer special Thanksgiving troop care packages to make sure as many soldiers as possible get a taste of the holidays, so we’ve put together some special Thanksgiving treats in our packages that range from tasty gourmet holiday coffee, to festive candy that’s sure to bring a real taste of home. As always, our packages are packed with plenty of our regular treats like beef jerky, nutritious trail mix, candies, cookies, field wipes and lots more.  Like all our care packages, our special Thanksgiving care packages offer you the opportunity to include a  personalized message of support to our troops from the sponsor at no additional cost that our troops are sure to treasure long after the treats have been shared.

Halloween Candy Buyback is a great opportunity to Treat or Troops

The Halloween Candy Buyback Program is a national effort that anyone can join in on by simply collecting excess Halloween candy and shipping it directly to the Move America Forward Operation Center. The candy will be put into care packages to support the brave men and women serving our country overseas.

We need you to hurry though, since the National Candy Buyback kicks off on November 1st and runs for about a week, it is a great way to unload all your excess Halloween treats. Don’t worry though, we will be happy to accept your candy even if you are a little late getting it shipped out. since Move America Forward ships troop care packages year round.

In 2013, Move America Forward received its first Halloween Candy Buyback Program candy donation from Surf Side Dental and the Lakeview PTO at Lakeview Elementary School in El Dorado Hills, CA. Since then, we have started to accept donations nationwide to meet the need for care packages downrange. We receive requests for care packages daily and every single piece of donated candy helps us send more boxes to those who need it most, our brave men and women deployed overseas.

You can even share the fun and help spread the word on this important mission! Please post pictures of your team collecting candy on social media and your website. Follow our social media profiles and tag us in your posts. use #halloweencandybuyback and link to our social media pages. FACEBOOK TWITTER INSTAGRAM

Big thank you to all of our previous participants and to anyone joining us this year! Thousands of brave soldiers, marines, sailors, and airmen will benefit from receiving a care package from home with a little Halloween spirit inside. Move America Forward sends these boxes with love to our troops wherever our troops are in need. The Halloween candy from participants of the Halloween Candy Buyback Program make a huge impact!

You can reach us at (916) 441-6197 or email us at [email protected] for move information. You can also drop your excess Halloween candy off at a participating dentist or orthodontist who is taking part in the national Halloween Candy Buy Back (HCBB) program  just find a participant in your area by checking out the HCBB website. Most drop off dates are taking place the first week of November, right after Halloween. If you are a dentist or orthodontist office prefer to not officially register, you also have the option of simply mailing us the candy to the address below. Individuals and groups can also send us their excess candy or drop it off it you happen to be in the Sacramento area.

Halloween Candy Buy Back

Move America Forward

3105 Fite Circle Suite 108

Sacramento Ca 95827

To date we have received thousands of pounds in excess Halloween candy to help support our troops and to share the fun with them.

Perky Jerky special Thanksgiving Turkey Jerky for our Troops

We love offering our troops interesting, new products to enjoy seasonally as well as throughout the year.  That is why we are excited to include premium all-natural Perky Jerky turkey jerky guaranteed to be nitrate free, non-GMO, gluten free with no preservatives or MSG.

Our supporters will be happy to know our troops can be confident the yummy Perky Jerky in their Move America Forward troop care packages will give them the wallop of protein they crave without any yucky fake stuff. Perky Jerky is a nutritious, portable snack that will help power our troops with high quality lean protein.  No dry as dust jerky that can be nearly impossible to chew and swallow.  Tender Turkey Perky jerky is marinated overnight in a special blend of seasonings to deliver a tasty snack our troops will enjoy munching on during a long watch. Perky Jerky is just one of the many high-quality items our deployed troops will enjoy this Holiday season in their coveted Move America Forward troop support care packages.

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