March 2022 Newsletter

The 386th Expeditionary Medical Group Writes a Big “Thank You!”

The joy you spread throughout the unit was needed!

Recently, we had the opportunity to send a shipment of care packages to the members of the 386th Expeditionary Medical Group who are tasked with the vital mission of supporting the United States Air Force wing and their coalition partners by helping to keep them mentally and physically fit for duty.  Thanks to the 386th Expeditionary Medical Group we know our troops will receive the top-notch care they truly deserve.

Since our mission at Move America Forward is to provide top-notch care packages to the men and women serving across the globe, we were excited by the opportunity to make sure these selfless heroes would enjoy some love and care from home, thanks to all our wonderful sponsors who make our support possible.

We know you will enjoy reading the note we were humbled to receive as well as to share pictures from these amazing troops.

Thank you so much!

We received your care packages at the 386 EMDG in Ali Al Salem Air Base Kuwait! The joy you spread throughout the unit was needed! We are just settling is as a group and to receive some love from home was very nice and really lifted spirits here! It was so fun watching everyone tear into the boxes like kids on a Christmas morning! You may never meet us but we are so grateful for your thoughts, prayers and love you have poured on our unit!

Thank you so much for everyone at the 386 EMDG!

-PAYDEN N. F., Technical Sergeant, US AIR FORCE

We love to share these messages that illustrate just how much of a positive impact and morale boost these care packages give to the troops who receive them. These letters come from the heart and express the sense of joy, morale boost, and the fulfillment these troops feel when they receive a token of your appreciation.

GU Energy Shots are Sure to Keep Our Troops Alert

GU Liquid Energy Gels deliver the same benefits as GU’s Original Energy Gels with energy from a precise blend of complex and simple carbohydrates that will fuel you up, so you feel good, longer.

We love adding new and innovative products to our care packages, that’s why we are excited to announce that our care packages will contain special edition GU Hoppy Trails Energy Gel and GU Liquid Energy Endurance Nutrition in a delicious coffee flavor. GU delivers fast energy with what they call flavor science to make sure to deliver the very best to those who need it! GU Energy is a gel-based energy supplement that delivers vital carbs and electrolytes in a potent and concentrated gel, so it’s a small and portable package that gives a big shot of energy just when you need it!

Gu Energy’s Hoppy Trails Gels are 100-calorie single-serve packets

GU comes conveniently packaged in a single serving packet with an easy to tear off top, which allows our troops to get that quick shot of nutrition and energy they can certainly use during a long watch or patrol.

We know our troops will love finding this cool new addition to their care packages that are portable, convenient, and loaded with all kinds of important fuel our troops need.

Local Kiwanis Clubs Presented with MAF Challenge Coins

John F. one of the very first serving Navy SEALs and active member of Kiwanis is accepting a challenge coin on behalf of his group

Move America Forward is so proud of our partnership with local Kiwanis clubs nationwide. Their members continue to sponsor, donate and volunteer all year long to support our troops! Around Christmas they and many other participate in our See’s for Soldiers program to collect and donate individually wrapped See’s Candy for our Christmas Care Packages!

Every year, we like to extend our thanks to them personally, that is why Move America Forward’s Outreach Director, Scott Raab as well as Move America Forward Ambassador and 9/11 survivor Richard Hannaford, recently presented special Move America Forward challenge coins to representatives of different Kiwanis Chapters.

“These people are just amazing, I love working with them and couldn’t wait to thank them personally for all their hard work”, said Outreach Director, Scott Raab.

Move America Forward volunteer and 911 Tower II survivor Richard Hannaford (on right) meets with Kiwanis members

Local Kiwanis Clubs help us support our troops through tough deployments by donating hundreds of packages of iconic See’s Candy that were included in recent care packages. With assorted chocolates, peanut brittle, and lollipops, these candies brought a big smile to a serviceman or woman overseas!

Great Non Profits: Top-Rated Awards

For 8 years in a row, we have been rated a Top Non-Profit by Great Non-Profits. To keep our top status, we rely on direct first hand testimonials from our peers, donors, supporters, and most importantly our troops who have directly benefited. These reviews serve as a kind of People’s Choice Awards for charities, encouraging others to support and get involved when they read about the great experiences our donors and volunteers have had working with MAF. We are honored and thankful for all those who have reviewed and given us feedback while sharing their own personal experience with our program.

Thanks to people like Judy we are hopeful to be recognized in 2022 for the 9th consecutive year. Will you take the time to leave a review and let others know how they can send their support?

This Top-Rated Nonprofit Award is based on the large number of positive reviews that Move America Forward receives. Individuals post their personal experience of volunteering for us as well as the personal experience of deployed troops who have received care packages from our organization.

We encourage you to share your experiences and view our page and read some of the amazing reviews we have received here.

We will continue our goal of supporting our troops serving far from home. Thanks to Great Nonprofits, our supporters can feel confident that our mission is being carried out to the best of our abilities and from start to finish, we are all in for our troops.

Photos of the Month

Our Wounded Warrior Project members continue their dedication to service through their volunteer partnership with Move America Forward