MAF Continues Track Record of Responsibility & Transparency

New independent audit shows non-profit maintains high program spending and low overhead.

Move America Forward has released the results of an independent audit showing strong performance and commitment to responsible spending behavior with donor contributions.

For the 2nd year now, MAF commissioned an independent auditor to conduct a thorough and unbiased assessment of the charity\’s expenses in an effort to be transparent and responsible.

The independent audit conducted by financial firm Quigley & Miron found that 88.5% of expenses went to program costs with 11.5% spent on administrative costs, salaries, rents, and fundraising for 2018. A general rule of thumb deems charities with over 80% program costs to be responsible, healthy, and in using donor funds in good faith.

A copy of the financial report is publicly available here

This report is made public for anyone to view or download from the charity\’s website as part of a long term effort to focus on transparency and good financial citizenship, especially since Move America Forward is overwhelmingly funded by small donors.

In 2017, the first year MAF underwent a financial audit from Quigley & Miron, the firm found that 90.7% of spending went for program expenses. In 2016 it was 88.2%, according to published IRS Form 990, bringing the organization\’s three-year average program expenses to 89.1%

What do program expenses actually mean? For Move America Forward, this is primarily the money that goes into care packages and postage for getting care packages to troops serving overseas. These boxes include personal letters of support along with high quality coffee, beef jerky, cookies, candy, granola bars, protein bars, trail mix and seeds or nuts, hot chocolate or apple cider, gum, mints, or other treats and personal care items like deodorant, sunblock, lip balm, skin lotion, bath soap or shampoo, bug repellent, toothpaste an toothbrushes, magazines, books and a wide variety of other goods. MAF has sent over 450 tons of care packages overseas since 2006.