July 2022 Newsletter

Help Us Celebrate Independence Day Through Our “Spirit of 1776” Drive

Celebrate the Spirit of ’76 this 4th of July! Don’t forget to be thankful for our troops protecting us as they serve around the globe. Let’s take time to reflect on our great nation and our privilege to live in peace, prosperity, and unity under one flag of freedom. America’s unique unquenchable spirit has a special name, the Spirit of ’76. We’re not talking 1976, we are going all the way back to our foundation, July 4th, 1776.

America’s troops embody the Spirit of ’76. Fighting shoulder to shoulder our brave men and women in uniform protect us at home and away and have throughout the ages with much of their sacrifice written in blood, sweat, and tears.

Join us in celebrating the Spirit of ’76 with our special Spirt of 1776 care package drive honoring our troops on the 4th of July. Military families and Troops from all over the world request care packs every day to sign up on our ship list to get a little support from home. Help us to help these troops as we ship 1,776 packages to our troops as a great big thank you for our freedom!

Spirit of ’76 care packages will go to troops serving on the front lines all over the world representing all branches of our military. We’re talking Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard, Space Force, National Guard, and Reservists. Believe us, our troops, no matter which branch or where they are called to action, can use and deserve our support!

Summer is heating up and it’s a dangerous time for our troops throughout the world. We still have tens of thousands of troops standing guard at bases spread across the Middle East. We have troops engaged in the Middle East, Somalia and North Africa, as well as over 100,000 troops spread across Europe. Many of them are helping to train and equip Ukrainian defense forces against the Russians invading their land.

Due to rising postal costs, shipping becomes a more pressing concern in meeting our troops needs. Because of this reality, we are feeling the squeeze like many Americans. As most of you are aware, shipping to our troops is not free, and postal costs have risen steadily over time which really puts a big crunch on us to be able to support our troops. However, we work hard to meet the necessary costs involved with doing so, by utilizing our large fleet of volunteers who come in regularly to help us pack and prep boxes for shipment along with collecting product donations among other cost-saving measures.

This 4th of July would you like to help our as a special “Troop Angel”, you can help us specifically with the direct cost of shipping these packages. The US Post Office charges close to $18 per box to ship these individually addressed care packages to each one of our troops. To send 1,776 of them will cost us almost $32,000 so we’ve set our goal to reach $30,000 in the hopes that we can get as close as possible or surpass it so we can pay for the postage to ship these boxes!

Our troops are experiencing a lack of support thus we need to step up. Speak our for our troops. Join us in asserting American people still appreciate their sacrifice and all they do to keep us safe. If you would like to help out as a special Angel for our troops, we would sure appreciate your help!

Maximize Your Support of the Troops with “Amazon Smile”

“Amazon Smile” is a simple way for you to support our care package program every time you shop and at no cost to you. To select “Move America Forward” as your charity and make sure your shopping helps send care packages to our troops it is as simple as being logged into your Amazon account and click on the Amazon Smile link (https://smile.amazon.com/ch/84-1627277). You then just confirm our charity as your choice and shop normally as you already do, that’s it!!

This means that we can send even more support packages to our troops without any additional cost to you! So go ahead and get those cool shades, or those ultra comfy summer flip flops. And the best part is that you can see how much money your purchases have produced for our charity in real time!

When you shop with AmazonSmile, you’ll find the exact same low prices, vast selection and convenient shopping experience as you always have on Amazon, but with the added benefit that AmazonSmile will donate 0.5% of your eligible purchases to the charitable organization of your choice. That’s right, prices are the same, shipping is the same, and nothing changes except Amazon donates .05% of your purchase to help the troops on your behalf! Shop on, keyboard warrior, and thanks for supporting our troops through Move America Forward and Amazon Smile!

FEATURED PRODUCT: Our Troops Love the Delicious Nutrition of Aussie Bites

Our troops deserve the very best in high-quality snacking and that is what we put in our care packages. Aussie Bites deliver all that and more with USDA Organic certified tasty snack-sized treats from Universal Bakery. Furthermore, Aussie bites are healthy with 0g of trans fat and 270 mg of omega-3 per serving.  Aussie Bites are packed with a wholesome blend of rolled oats, apricots, raisins, chia, flax and sunflower seeds, coconut, quinoa, honey and real organic unsalted butter.

This combo results in a wonderful medley that is tasty, healthy, and packed with energy. When our troops need to grab a quick breakfast on the go or a portable snack to tuck into during their down time, Aussie Bites are packed with the taste and nutrition sure to satisfy our hungry troop and bring home the yum!

Photo of the Month

We are very grateful for any and all support sent to us. It would make everyone’s time much better being away from family. Our Infantry company has many new soldiers that are fresh from basic training and were immediately sent on deployment as well as a hand full of soldiers that have wives that are expecting and cannot be with them during this time.

Receiving support from this organization and its donors, will make a big difference to all of the soldier’s moral.