July 2021 Newsletter

Insperity inspires through hands-on community outreach

Move America Forward’s mission is supporting our troops serving on the front lines with care packages from home and Insperity considers community involvement a core element to its corporate mission and values, so teaming up with Insperity’s Ami Feter and her group of volunteers was a naturally beneficial fit for both teams.

Ami works in the Sacramento office of Insperity and serves on her local Insperity volunteer committee. With more than 80 offices across the country, each Insperity office has a council member like Ami who organizes, communicates, seeks out and builds relationships with nonprofits in their community and, in Sacramento, MAF is fortunate to be one of those targeted nonprofits.


 “Being on the volunteer committee is a role that I hold near and dear to my heart”, said Ami. “I am the lucky one to be able to do that in Sacramento where there are so many amazing nonprofits that truly make a difference. Being on the council, I am tasked with dedicating my time to building relationships with the community and organize our volunteer times, donations and events.  It is truly a blessing to be a part of the council and to be able to connect with so many people in our community.”

When Insperity opened up its Sacramento office in 2020 they began looking for local nonprofits to partner with. “As a new office, Insperity was committed to expanding its local presence, and we wanted to partner with a nonprofit organization. I reached out to Move America Forward and spoke to Scott Raab who advised me on how our office can get involved, and naturally, I was thrilled to volunteer my time and my team jumped at the opportunity as well,” said Ami.

According to Ami, “Community involvement is a core element of Insperity’s mission and values. All Insperity offices and team members willingly volunteer in their local community.”

So, who is Insperity and what exactly do they do? Ami was able to sum that up nicely, “Insperity is a full-service professional employer organization (PEO), providing scalable HR solutions and an unrivaled breadth and depth of services and support. Insperity helps businesses become the best version of themselves, and our company is committed to doing the same for the communities in which it serves.”

Ami’s team is small but mighty. Although the team currently sits at 10 members, each one has volunteered at MAF events from assembling boxes to helping out with packing and labeling boxes for shipping. “The volunteer events we have participated in have been enjoyable and rewarding for all of us. To be able to send a piece of home to active deployed military has touched every one of us here at the Sacramento office and we will continue to show up and participate every month,” continued Ami.

To really add a new dimension to their volunteer efforts, Ami and her team at Insperity also donate hand picked items to be included in the care packages.

Scott Raab, MAF’s Director of Outreach, worked with Ami on compiling a list of items that would be useful and appreciated by the troops that could fit in our shipping boxes and would make the rough transit to our troops. “We have provided toothbrushes, toothpaste, lip balms, sunflower seeds, candy and other snacks. I try to think, what would I need or want being away from home? Something that is small but can make a big impact and put a smile on my face,” added Ami.

Scott Raab said of Ami and her Insperity team, “We are just so lucky to have them. The team is just great, they work hard, have fun, and donate some great care package items for our troops which is just amazing. Ami won’t brag about it herself, but she was named \’Volunteer of the Month\’ by Insperity for all her hard work.”


We asked Ami how it felt to be so actively involved in our care package efforts, and she just couldn’t contain her enthusiasm. “It feels fantastic to give back and know our efforts and donations go to the men and woman who are actively keeping us safe and free. The troops are sacrificing their happiness, with them being away from their friends and family, and to be able to help these heroes is incredibly rewarding. Knowing that our donations are delivered straight to the actively deployed makes us appreciate Move America Forward and the mission they serve. We hope our efforts bring a smile to the faces of the troops and let them know that we care and appreciate their sacrifice.”

Her team clearly agrees with Ami’s assessment as well. “The feedback is always exceptional. The Insperity team loves doing the events. Being able to hand pack the packages that will support our troops and help them feel appreciated is wonderful. Every member of the team walks out with a feeling of pride and thankfulness for the opportunity to make a real difference.” 

The best part according to Ami, “The camaraderie and connection it creates between the deployed troops and those at home in the states. This opportunity also boosts teamwork and has helped our team come closer together as a workplace. Our favorite element of teaming up with Move America Forward is the feeling of partnership. We feel like we are in it together, helping to make a difference with friends and colleagues.” 

 Insperity is dedicated to lending a helping hand going forward, and consider their partnership a long-term commitment. “I am sure Move America Forward and Insperity will have a very long relationship and I look forward to many years of partnership. I want to thank Move America Forward for the phenomenal work they are doing for such a great cause,” said Ami and we couldn’t agree more. Thanks to Ami and her team at Insperity our volunteer core is stronger and our troops can’t help but benefit.

A Hug from Home – A Monthly Smiles Member Speaks

Michelle A., a long-time Monthly Smiles member recently spoke with Lisa Baron, our Director of Troop Support, about what it’s like to be a Monthly Smiles Member and how exciting it is when she hears back from troops she has personally sponsored.

I often check in with our Monthly Smiles members personally, whether by email, text or a quick phone call. “I consider our Monthly Smiles Members part of our Family” states Lisa who personally manages the program for all our members. Lisa had recently called Michelle to catch up and get a little bit of updated information we needed for Michelle’s program. 

A soldier enjoys a cookie from Michelle A\’s care package

Michelle has been a Move America Forward supporter for over eight years, sending packages every few months for special occasions like Christmas or 4th of July, or just because she saw one of our emails looking for support for a specific group or campaign.  In 2018 Michelle and her family joined the ranks of our Monthly Smiles family, finding the ease of the program, which allows a Monthly Smiles package to go out on her behalf each month, to be a no-brainer.

 “It such a relief, I just don’t have to worry about it, I know every month a soldier will receive a package from us and it is just one less thing I have to think about or try to schedule,” said Michelle.  Michelle has provided an incredible amount of support for our troops over the years, sending almost sixty care packages full of goodies, necessities and, most importantly, a personal message of love and support from home.

Michelle has received several postcards and letters back from her troops over the years which she treasures, “It’s just humbling to know our troops received a package I sent and they took the time to reach out and thank me.  The packages are my thank you to them, so even though I don’t expect to hear back from the troops, when I do, it just makes my day!\” said Michelle.

Lisa got to hear about a very special email Michelle recently received from chaplain (LTC) Brian K., a division chaplain with the 82nd Airborne Division who, along with his troops is deployed on a joint NATO mission. Chaplain K and his troops received a care package Michelle had sponsored and he took the time to email her and include a few photos of soldiers with her care packages.  “The photo of the female soldier enjoying a Girl Scout cookie from my package just blew me away, I just can’t wipe the smile off my face!” Michele, added she tells all her friends and family about the program and she loves to show them the email and pictures back from the chaplain.

For security and privacy reasons, we are not sharing the entire message to Michelle from Chaplain Koyne, but thought you would enjoy seeing a few photos as well as this message from the chaplain to Michelle.

 “We were very thankful to have the goodies as we deployed with very few amenities.  But mostly it was awesome to have the support of so many across the nation.” –Chaplain (LTC) Brian K, 82nd Airborne Division.

We are so happy and grateful to have Michelle in our Monthly Smiles family, her support helps to ensure our soldiers don’t have to face long, often lonely and dangerous deployments without some love from home.  Michelle also loves being part of our family, “Move America Forward does a great job of letting us know what’s going on, I love my Thank-You calls from Joan, reading updates from Grandma D., and emails and calls from Lisa.  Move America Forward does a great job of keeping us informed,” said Michelle.

Thanks Michelle, and a huge \”thanks\” all of our amazing Monthly Smiles members.  You make our mission of Troop support a huge success!

Dugout treats thanks to San Francisco Giants

It\’s hot in the dugout for the San Francisco Giants on game day and one way to keep going is to snack on salty, protein rich sunflower seeds. The Giants wanted to share their tasty treats with our troops so they donated a big shipment of their own sunflower seeds to include in our iconic care packages from home.


The San Francisco Giants know a bit about pleasing the ballpark crowds by blasting a big home run right out of the park. Whether it is during a home-stand or on the road, nothing brings the Giants fans to their feet faster than the solid crack of the bat when it connects for the long ball. While the players nervously watch from the dugout, they are often spotted chomping away on a big handful of savory and delicious sunflower seeds that pack a nice wallop of protein and help replenish some of the salt they sweat out during a ballgame.

We love our treats to be fun and healthy and sunflower seeds offer lots of healthful benefits to enjoy in addition to being down-right delicious, in. Packing 20 grams of protein per serving, they are also rich in healthy fats and an excellent source of Vitamin E, B-Complex vitamins, folate, copper, selenium and phosphorus. All great things that help our soldiers stay strong and healthy. Who knew a simple snack food could offer such an abundance of benefits?

Our troops often have to eat on the go, so having a convenient snack that offers so many delicious nutrients is a real plus, not to mention it takes a while to eat a serving or two so it helps fill those dull downtime moments of watchful waiting our troops often experience.

Next time you head to the ballpark and observe the players munching away on sunflower seeds, remember that thanks to the San Francisco Giants our own troops might be doing the exact same thing halfway across the world.

Troopathon 14 has arrived and it\’s our best yet!


Over the busy Independence Day weekend we premiered the newly updated 2021 edition of Troopathon 14, helmed once again by our dynamic duo of MAF chairwoman Melanie Morgan and broadcast legend Rita Cosby with special sit-down interviews by Newsmax\’s John Bachman!

Although thousands of viewers tuned in to watch us during our 1-hour special broadcast on Newsmax, we know some of you were just too busy to watch us then but don\’t worry, you can still check it out with our exclusive link below!

We\’ve got some great new guests for you like Diamond and Silk and Jessie Jane Duff, along with familiar faces you\’ll recognize from previous Troopathons featuring a very special tribute to Rush Limbaugh, our oldest and largest individual Troopathon donor, a dear friend whom we miss and love.

We have some special interviews with troops past and present who know first-hand what a long, dangerous deployment feels like and how amazing it is to receive a package and note from home from a complete stranger. Trust me you will need a tissue!

Our Troopathon guests may come from all different walks of life: actors, musicians, journalists, celebrities, veterans, but the one thing they all have in common is a strong commitment to supporting the men and women of the military who keeps us safe.

Don\’t miss the opportunity to watch Troopathon video available for your viewing pleasure at www.troopathon.org, right now!

Send a care package TODAY to support our troops. Give them a reminder of home while they\’re serving in harm\’s way overseas!

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