Halloween Candy Buyback 2019

MAF Honored to be Named Top Recipient of
National Halloween Candy Buy Back Program


Oral Health Professionals and Schools Turn Extra Candy into Cash for Schools and Sweet Treats for Troops Overseas via MAF Care Packages

SACRAMENTO, CA., – Move America Forward has been named as the primary resource for a national effort which brings together Dentists, Orthodontists, and other Oral healthcare professionals from around the country, partnering with local schools for an innovative Halloween Candy Buy Back Program that benefits schools as well as our troops overseas.

Dr, Kammer D.D.S, who started the Candy Buyback program said choosing the troops to benefit from the candy collection was a “no-brainer” and even when he is occasionally meet with criticisms from well-intentioned individuals who feel candy is an unhealthy thing to send the troops, Dr. Kammer is confident a little sweet treat now and then, especially in an adult who knows how to take care of their oral health is just fine. “I think the benefit of our troops being able to enjoy a little sweet treat from home is important, these people are out there risking their lives, and it is important for us to support our troops.”

MAF is honored to help Dr. Kammer continue his mission of supporting our troops in a fun, creative manner which allows kids to pay it forward in a meaningful and memorable way. For 2019 the Candy Buyback Program sent MAF a total of 26,871 pounds of Halloween candy, over 13 tons! Across the country 116 Dentists and Orthodontists offices sent candy to Move America Forward through the program, 24% more offices than the previous year.

Halloween is a holiday known for over-consumption of sweet treats which can cause damage to braces and result in tooth decay. The Halloween Candy Buyback encourages families to turn in their excess candy to a local participating school or oral health professional’s office. Some offices will make cash donations to local schools for the candy which will be used in Move America Forward care packages to the troops.

Hundreds of brave soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen will benefit from receiving a care package from home with a little Halloween spirit inside. Move America Forward sends thousands of care packages a year to troops in war zones and wherever our troops are in need. The Halloween candy from participants of the Halloween Candy Buyback Program will increase the number of packages Move America Forward is able to ship this year.
Parents can find a list of participating dentist offices by visiting www.halloweencandybuyback.com and entering your zip code. Contact one of the listed offices to find out when you can drop off your candy for donation. Families are encouraged to bring their extra candy into one of these locations or encourage your local dentist office to contact the Halloween Buyback Program to sign up as a participant.

Move America Forward (MAF) is a nonprofit military charity based in Sacramento, California and the nation’s largest grassroots pro-troop organization dedicated to supporting the brave men and women of our Armed Forces. Our principal mission is to provide care packages and letters from grateful Americans to the troops deployed in combat areas around the world.

Move America Forward has sent over 457 tons of care packages to deployed troops.

MAF is supported by tens of thousands of pro-troop activists, veterans, and military families all across the nation who share in our unwavering support of the military men and women who are on the front lines of protecting our country. We work with other non-profits, military service organizations, corporate sponsors, community networks and private citizens to support our military.