February 2021 Newsletter

With Love to our troops!

Special Valentine’s Cards filled with love are shipping out to our troops in our MAF care packages from children all over the country as they send long distanced hugs from home across the world to our deployed troops! Read more…

It has become a February tradition for Move America Forward to partner with schools across the United States to supply thousands of handmade Valentine’s cards to be included with our care packages for our troops.   Children share a love and enthusiasm that is infectious — in a good way — that warms the hearts of our weary deployed troops.  Can you begin to imagine how uplifting it is for our deployed men and women to not only receive a care package filled with all sorts of treats and necessities but to also find and adorable message of support crayoned onto construction paper made just for them?  

Although COVID-19 kept many of our regular Valentine’s Day card contributors from participating this year, we still received cards from several groups, schools and churches so we can keep this important tradition alive. Thanks to these caring kids our Valentine’s care package shipment will include special cards with messages of love and support from young children to our troops


Please join in on the fun, you don’t have to be a budding Picasso and send in your own homemade card but you can include a special message of love and support of your own when you send a care package today. You could even write your own Valentine’s poem if the mood strikes!

Roses are Red,

Violets are blue,

Here’s a care package to say

I love you!

Take a moment to share just a little bit of your love with our troops.  Our soldiers show us their love every day; their love for our country, their love of freedom, and their love is demonstrated over and over again through their selfless sacrifices. Every day our troops declare their love for us.  Why not take just a moment to remember our deployed men and women and make sure these brave hearts won’t be lonely hearts for Valentine’s Day this year!


MAF will include lighthearted Valentine’s candy conversation hearts, and one-of-a-kind extra special home-made Valentine’s cards thanks to local and national school kids.

Quarantined troops reach out for support during the holidays

Big smiles from quarantined troops as they receive our special care packages

Move America Forward received a request for several hundred care packages to help support some of our special operations forces that were quarantined just days before coming home for Christmas. Read more…

At Move America Forward, we frequently receive requests from military families, troops and chaplains seeking support for the men and women that serve in the most dangerous missions far away from home.

But one of these chaplains came to us with an unique problem. He had hundreds of our bravest about to leave for home only to have to inform them days before Christmas that they all would not be able to leave because of mandatory Covid restrictions. Leaving them with packed bags but unable to go to their loved ones. They would all be quarantined. It was our great pleasure as with every request to be able to send our hand packed boxes immediately to be able to provide some positive morale. Our supporters messages of support a long with tons of treats and love were sent to each one. Making sure everyone who has been restricted knew they were especially loved and not forgotten.

They loved receiving their Move America Care packages and according to their chaplain, \”This was a tremendous help to a large group of sailors isolated during the holidays while undergoing some of the nation’s most challenging training.” — From a military chaplain.


Regardless of where and who these boxes are sent to, our mission remains the same, we are here to support our troops during their deployment with care packages and letters of support. Thanks to our amazing supporters we are able to carry out our mission so our troops can carry out theirs knowing they have not been forgotten.

Received a Package or sent one? Take time to leave a review


In 2020 Move America Forward (MAF) was honored to receive the prestigious 2020 Top-Rated Award by Great Nonprofits for the 7th year in a row. GNP, the leading provider of user reviews about nonprofit organizations. Read more..

Great Nonprofits uses your feedback about us to judge our rating, so THANK YOU for the positive posts you made about us.

\”We\’re excited to be named a Top-Rated 2020 Nonprofit,\” said Scott Raab, Outreach Coordinator, Move America Forward. \”For the seventh year in a row we have been named a top charity supporting our troops. We work hard to make sure our supporters know we appreciate their support. Without them, nothing MAF does would be possible. The gift of a care package is so much more than just the goodies and most requested items we send, it\’s also the comforts of home to warriors that serve so far away overseas.\”


But we need your help to retain our rating in 2021. Each year we must receive a minimum number of reviews. If we fail to get enough reviews, our top-rated status will expire! So please head over to our Great Nonprofits Profile and leave MAF a positive review today. It will help us keep our top status for an 8th year!

How do I sign up to receive care packages?

We frequently receive emails or letters from deployed soldiers or units that are hoping we might be able to help out with some care packages during long, lonely deployments. We make it easy to sign up. Read more…

It\’s humbling to reach out and ask for a little help from home, but that\’s what we do, that is our mission! If you are deployed or have a family member serving far from home who could use a little pick me up in the form of a care package with a heartfelt message of support, we\’ve got your back!

We have simple sign up form that ensures you receive support while keeping sensitive information like deployment dates and location secure. We never sell or share your address or information so you can relax and know you will receive the support you need while maintaining the mission security required. We even have special packages available for our K9 handlers and their hard-working Military Working Dogs.


Our care packages are loaded with the special treats from home like Girl Scout cookies, coffee, jerky, candy, Gatorade, personal care items, durable work socks and many more items requested by our troops.

Need a package? Just sign up here. We would love to serve you while you are busting your back serving all of us here at home.

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