August 2020 Newsletter


Covid Won\’t Stop our Annual Troopathon 9/11/2020

Troopathon, our annual month-long Care Package drives is on! Like the Grinch, Covid couldn\’t stop the Troopathon from coming, bringing cheer and lots of love to our troops! Read more…
Scenes from some of our past Troopathon broadcasts
A little late, but worth the wait! Lucky number 13 Troopathon is coming to you live September 11, 2020 following our month long fundraising efforts and culminating in an epic hour long broadcast featuring interviews and messages of support from some of your favorite pro-troop celebrities, movie stars, radio personalities, and military experts.
Ultimately the Troopathon goal remains to fund the largest single shipment of care packages to our troops this year.

Under normal circumstances, Troopathon takes place around the 4th of July holiday. As we all know this yer has been anything but normal! Thanks to the global COVID-19 pandemic, we were forced to move Troopathon back this year, therefore Troopathon has been rescheduled to September 11, 2020

Troop and K9 Care Packages sponsored through Troopathon are the safest and easiest way to donate to our brave troops. No running to the store and standing on little stenciled footprints, no confusing customs forms and postal regulations to fill our while wearing masks that fog up your glasses. Simply donate online, by phone or via check and our team of dedicated volunteers will send your care packages full of the absolute very best items with a personal message on your behalf. Even better, your gift is 100% tax-deductible!

Due to safety and health concerns, and a whole lot of red tape thanks to COVID-19, this year\’s Troopathon will be broadcast in a new and creative format. Stay tuned for more details, we are busy working out all the details!

While there are many admirable groups supporting our veterans, we are one of the few organizations supporting active-duty troops deployed on the front lines of Afghanistan, Iraq a whole lot of other hot zones serving in harm’s way around the world. Troopathon is the only telethon fundraiser dedicated solely to support the troops. We stand proudly in support of our military men and women, we see a future where freedom and liberty create endless opportunities for Americans and our friends and allies in a more secure world. Please join us as we embark on Troopathon 13!
Past Troopathon events have raised over $6.5 million for our troops and have included an amazing array of guests from every type of industry. Some of our notable past guests have included:

Adam Carolla
Allen West
AMB. John Bolton
Andrew Breitbart
Bill O\’Reilly
Brian Kilmeade
Buzz Aldrin
Charlie Daniels
Dana Loesch
Dennis Miller
Dennis Prager
Dick & Liz Cheney
Donald Rumsfeld
Eboni Williams
Gary Sinise
Gene Simmons & Paul Stanley
Gerald McRaney
Geraldo Rivera
Gov. Mike Huckabee
Gov. Sarah Palin
Hulk Hogan
Jerry Bruckheimer
Joe Theismann
John Ratzenberger
Jon Voight
Kelsey Grammer
Laura Ingraham
Mark Levin
Michelle Malkin
Mike \”Coach K\” Krzyzewski
Mike Rowe
Mike Tyson
Monica Crowley
Montel Williams
Nancy Grace
Pat Boone
Pat Sajak
Reba McEntire
Robert Davi
Rush Limbaugh
S.E. Cupp
Scott Baio
Sean Hannity
Tammy Bruce
Ted Nugent
Tony Orlando
Wayne Newton
Willie Robertson

Lucky 7! MAF named a Top Nonprofit for Seven Years in a Row

We couldn\’t do it without all your great feedback!
We are happy to announce we have been honored with the prestigious 2020 Top-Rated Award by GreatNonprofits, the leading provider of user reviews about nonprofit organizations. Read more…
\”We\’re excited to be named a Top-Rated 2020 Nonprofit,\” said Scott Raab, Outreach Coordinator, Move America Forward. \”For the seventh year in a row we have been named a top charity supporting our troops. We work hard to make sure our supporters know we appreciate their support. Without them, nothing MAF does would be possible. The gift of a care package is so much more than just the goodies and most requested items we send, it\’s also the comforts of home to warriors that serve so far away overseas.\”
This Top-Rated Nonprofit Award was based on the large number of positive reviews that Move America Forward received. People posted their personal experience of volunteering for us. Here is a recent example of the reviews we\’ve received:
Huge thanks to all of our supporters or donors who wrote positive comments on our page. Your help and support allowed us to obtain this top rating again and we are very grateful! 
Some of our smiling volunteers — We miss them!
Thank you so much for the support, the donations, the volunteer hours, sharing us on social media, and the awesome positive reviews on Great Non-Profits. We\’re passing your support for us on to the troops on the front lines. Your support for MAF allows us to support our troops 100% and devote all our efforts to helping our service men and women overseas without having to worry about keeping the lights on. Thank you sincerely, from the whole MAF team. Help us keep this year going strong with a donation to sponsor a care package for our troops overseas now!

Here\’s a list of what the troops get when you sponsor a care package below!Gourmet coffee, premium beef jerky, Girl Scout cookies, Oreo cookies, trail mix bags, Blue Diamond almonds and other mixed nuts, baby wipes, granola/protein bars, gum and mints, sunflower seeds, hot chocolate /cider, deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrushes, foot cream/powder, SPF ChapStick, SPF sunscreen, boot socks, magazines and books, playing cards, phone calling cards, hygiene packs, M&M’s, Snickers, Skittles and other assorted treats, 5-hour ENERGY shots, headphones, eye drops, Tylenol/Advil, handwritten messages from school children and other supporters A special personal message from YOU

Not Your Mom\’s Home Cooking

MREs are the Real Deal, that\’s why our Troops Love our Care Packages

Our troops deployed in far off lands often find their only meal for the day coming from a brown plastic bag labeled MRE — Meal Ready to Eat. They may provide the necessary calories and nutrients to fuel our troops but some of them are pretty unappetizing. Read more…

Unless you have served in the military or are a serious prepper, most people are not all that familiar with the MRE rations our troops often rely on to eat as they serve on remote outposts or on training missions across the globe. In fact, during our last Troopathon, host John Bachman and boxing legend Evander Holyfield partook in an MRE challenge to raise money for our troops.


Recently we received this great video from Kaiden, the oldest son of military family from San Diego. Kaiden wanted to let us know what MREs are like and he sent us this video with little help from his baby brother.

If you are ever wondering if our troops appreciate the care packages you sponsor, this video should answer all your questions, Yes, yes they really do!

Stop Scrolling — Monthly Smiles Club Needs YOU — Yes YOU!

Join the Move America Forward Monthly Smiles Club today.   You can join Monthly Smiles directly by ordering and checking the box that says “Yes, I would like to send packages all year round.” and selecting your frequency. Our troops really need your ongoing support, so why not join Monthly Smiles today? Read more…


Don’t want to commit to a package every month? No problem! We can also set up programs that send packages out for all the different holidays through the year. We have members who send out packages for Easter, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, and others who send out packages every other month or even quarterly. We\’re here to help with whatever you or your company, group or organization wants to do to support the troops. There\’s no obligation, and you can stop sending packages at any time.

Help us keep the smiles coming

If you have a question or would like additional information, contact Lisa Baron, our Monthly Smiles Director at [email protected].

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