April Newsletter 2018


Our hard-working k9 troops and their dedicated handlers face tough deployments far from home.

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Mule Creek State Prison goes R.E.D. for our Troops

Recently, the staff at Mule Creek State Prison participated in a drive called the R.E.D. drive which stands for Remember Everyone Deployed. The R.E.D. drive allows the members of MCSP staff to proudly wear their special shirts to show their support of our troops and they use this drive to raise fund which they then donated to MAF for care packages for our troops.

This year, under the helmsmanship of Angelo and Sandra from MCSP, they were able to raise an impressive $3,535.00 in funds for direct support of our troops.

This was Mule Creeks second year using their R.E.D. drive to raise funds towards care packages for our troops, and according to Angelo the staff was even more enthusiastic about doing this support drive than last year. “I actually found MCSP staff more enthusiastic the second time around.” Stated Sandra.

“Overall, we received good support from the employees in several different ways, purchasing shirts and volunteering their time and efforts to make it happen. There was a great committee that worked well together in making things successful. Knowing that the funds are going towards care packages was the motivation in the MCSP R.E.D. drive success”

For their 2018 R.E.D. they decided to split their donation 60/40 between troop packages and k9 care packs. Angelo went on to say, “Several Months ago I read on M.A.F. website the need for Care Packages for the K9 Teams and with there still being over 10,000+ troops deployed overseas it seemed important to have the donation split 60/40. It humbling knowing the troops and K9 teams know that we support them.” We couldn’t agree more, giving to our troops is always a special moment.

We were very excited to have MCSP reps, including Sandra and Angelo come visit our new MAF headquarters, so we had to ask them what they though of our new digs!

According to Angelo, they gave us an enthusiastic thumbs up! It was our first time visiting the new MAF headquarters. The new space is awesome, seems to flow much better!”

Sandra went on to add how much they enjoyed our visit and how special it made them feel using the R.E.D. drive to send care packages. It makes us feel like we make a difference in the lives of our service men and women and It’s always a pleasure working with members of MAF, especially Scott Raab. His positive attitude and dedication to troops and 4-legged troops is inspiring. I am proud of my fellow staff members. I could not ask for a better outcome this year!”

Thanks again to all the staff at Mule Creek State prison for their inspiring dedication for our troops!


Gourmet Coffee for the Troops

A Partnership Between MAF & San Francisco Bay Coffee Company

Coffee plays a special role in the lives of our troops, they rely on it as a lifeline as they are required to start early and work long hours.

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Help MAF Retain Top-Rated Status with Popular Charity Rating Groups!

Huge thanks to all of our supporters or donors who wrote positive comments on our page.

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Thank You Highlight!

At MAF, we are very dedicated to supporting our troops, it is our mission and we take that mission seriously and personally. Several months ago my husband and children decided they wanted to send a care package to our troops as a special surprise for me. As Director of Troop support, I help make sure our troops receive care packages, and my family wanted to pitch in and sponsored their own care package. We were delighted when we received this special note of thanks from the troops we sponsored.

What a great honor that our hard-working troops took the time to thank us, when we were just trying to say thank you to them!

If you have sent a package to our troops, thank you for your support, it means so much to our troops, even if they just don’t have the time to thank you personally.


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