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Live Streaming Video – Volunteers Packing Boxes for the Troops!

Live Streaming Now: Volunteers Busy Packing Hundreds of Packages for the Troops!

Here at Move America Forward we are extremely proud of the work done by our team of committed local volunteers. With our Troopathon fundraiser over, these volunteers are busy packing up thousands of care packages sponsored by YOU.

If you didn’t donate during our Troopathon, you can still make a donation today and get your package in as part of this huge shipment being prepared TODAY. CLICK HERE TO DONATE NOW!

Here are some great photos of our care package volunteers working hard to pack boxes for the troops NOW.

These local volunteers just love putting together boxes filled with great items our troops will appreciate. Click here where you can view a live stream of what’s going on inside our Care Package Center right now!

Here’s a list of what the troops receive when you choose to sponsor a care package from Move America Forward. Donate today to make your care package part of this next big shipment being prepared now!

Real Notes from Deployed Troops

What does it mean to our heroes to receive a care package?

Recently, there has been a BIG surge in our Soldier Sign-up Program on our website. This program allows soldiers to sign-up to receive care packages from us.

With so many troops still overseas fighting the War on Terror, there is still an enormous need to support our men and women in uniform. There are up to 18,000 troops now deployed in Iraq (5,000) and Afghanistan (13,000), as well as some 500 special forces in Syria.

We are working hard to fulfill all the soldier sign-up requests and make sure that all our brave men and women of the military receive the care package that they requested.  

Just last week, we sent out a big 650 package shipment. Our volunteers are currently working on putting together another big batch of care packages for later this week. Donate NOW to make sure your package in included in this upcoming shipment!


As part of our Soldier Sign-Up Program, the troops can leave a message with some of their thoughts and feelings and share a little bit about themselves. Below are some recent notes and care package requests from troops on the front lines. They convey what it means to them personally, to serve and to receive support from you

Real Notes from Deployed Troops

Boot Socks, a Vital but Overlooked Necessity

For our troops deployed in combat roles on the front lines of Afghanistan and Iraq, a daily patrol consists of miles and miles of walking through dusty and rocky villages with bad roads or no roads at all. In this harsh terrain and with the demands of long 10 hour patrols on a daily basis, boots and socks wear out fast.

You simply can’t do a 10 hour patrol with defective socks, even just a few holes can mean painful blisters and sore heels. Socks wear out fast, but they are an absolute necessity to keep our troops GOING, literally!

With this problem in mind, we set out to find a good source of socks that we could provide for the troops in these care packages that would not increase the cost of sending packages. We are pleased to report that we found a great source of high quality socks.

These boot socks are THICK. They can take a BEATING and keep on ticking!

Make a troops job a little more comfortable by sending them these quality socks and much more. CLICK HERE to sponsor a care package.

And now these awesome, strong boot socks are now included in every care package through Move America Forward.

Along with these comfortable boot socks, here’s a list of everything the troops will receive when you sponsor a care package.

Send a package to our troops on the front lines today!

You can help make the daily routine of our troops serving in Afghanistan and Iraq a little more bearable.

Nothing brings a serviceman or woman more joy than knowing that someone back home is thankful and thinking of them while they are on deployment. Care packages include a wonderful array of high quality food, snacks, and hygiene items that troops overseas consistently request.