We’ve Almost Reached Our Goal!


We’ve almost reached our goal! We now have only 546 boxes still sitting in our warehouse packed with donated products, but we don’t have the postage to ship them overseas!

Move America Forward staff and volunteers worked around the clock to pack and prepare all the extra donated product for shipping, but without postage they are doing no good for our brave troops overseas

So far we raised $14,292 enough to ship 1,044 care packages to our troops in Afghanistan. While this is amazing, we still need to raise $7,254 in order to ship the remaining 546 care packages and supplies that we have waiting for postage in our warehouse.

Special thanks to George, Richard, and Patricia, our biggest sponsors with $665 donations — each enough to ship 50 boxes, can you join them? Add your name to our “Hero Wall” below by donating $100 or more to “Operation Mail Call.” Every donation helps, please join our Hero Wall!

Whether you can afford to send 2 boxes or 50, every donation helps! Huge thanks to everyone on our Heroes Wall who sent over $100 to help our troops!
Make a donation and put your name on the list today!

Will you please help us purchase the postage to mail these supplies to our troops on the front lines of Afghanistan by making a tax-deductible donation today?
*Remember all donations to Move America Forward are tax-deductible.

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