Veteran’s Day Message 2016

Happy Veterans Day from Move America Forward!

We just wanted to let you know that in honor of Veterans Day  2016 Move America Forward is partnering with members of the Wounded Warrior Project for a huge packing party TOMORROW.

Veterans of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom will be joining MAF volunteers at our Sacramento headquarters all day tomorrow for a huge packing party and streaming the video live on our Facebook page. Check our Facebook page tomorrow from 9:30 AM Pacific Time until about 12:00 PM (12:30 – 3 PM Eastern).

Today we need your help to sponsor as many packages as possible to keep our WWP Vets busy with work to do! Donate NOW and your package will be packed up by a Veteran from Wounded Warrior Project tomorrow!

What better way to honor the veteran in YOUR life than by donating a care package to help our troops who are currently overseas. You can even dedicate this care package to the Veterans you know.

Just add a care package to your shopping cart and on the second page fill in the text area underneath where it says “This care package is donated On Behalf Of / In Memory Of”

Veterans Day Message from Scott Raab of Move America Forward

Dear Friends,

     Veterans day is a special day that amazes me every year. There is nothing in my life that I am more proud of than putting on the uniform and enlisting in the United States Navy. I served as an Intelligence Analyst during my enlistment and had the pleasure to work for and with some of the most incredible people I have ever met. Now years later as a disabled combat veteran working through Move America Forward, it is my honor to help support the people still wearing the uniform. I am extremely humbled and dismayed by the overwhelming generosity and kindness that I see every day from MAF supporters.

     I knew at a very young age that I would serve my country and it was no surprise to my close circle of family and friends when I left home to pursue that end. Most families have their traditions, and in mine each generation has answered the call to serve. Of course it was a very difficult for my mother to see her only son leave after the events of 9/11. It is one of the only times I can ever remember seeing her cry. The hardest part for me and many others was never being able to tell my family where I was or when I would return. One of the hardest conversations I have ever had was when I told her I was extending my enlistment for an additional year from a satellite phone overseas.  For many months I was only able to tell her I was safe and doing my duty and would be home soon. These are the hard times every military family goes through.

     My fondest memory I have is the day I came back home. It’s hard to describe that moment, that feeling; it’s incredible. That’s the reason all of us at Move America Forward work so hard to make sure we reach every single Marine, Soldier, Airmen and Sailor possible because that day when they come home takes so long for families to get to.

     Every generation of my family has served in uniform for as long back as we can trace. My grandfather, a World War II veteran, is my role model and still the one person I want to impress. He once said “There is no higher honor than supporting your country, to protect the freedoms and liberty that it represents. No matter if you serve or support those that do.” I am reminded of those words especially on Veterans Day and whenever I have the honor to talk with someone serving or who has served, their family or one of you that takes the time to think of them by sending a care package with your message of unwavering support. You might have noticed in the care packages that we added a dedication option for our care packages. I encourage you to use it this year, honor their service by paying it forward and sending a care package in their honor.

     This Veterans Day, like all others, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being so kind and generous to those who have served and for never forgetting all the sacrifice that they make serving our great nation.

Scott P. Raab
MAF Outreach Director

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