Vet Health Admin Rejected Christmas Cards for Troops!

Veterans Health Administration Rejected
Christmas Cards for Being Too Religious

This is an outrageous example of political correctness gone wild. The Veterans Health Administration is unbelievably censoring Christmas cards written by school children for the troops!


by Todd Starnes
December 27, 2013
On Monday morning boys and girls from Grace Academy in Prosper, Tex., were planning on hand delivering the cards to the wounded veterans. Math teacher Susan Chapman called the hospital to make final arrangements and that’s when she learned there was a problem.”I told him my students made cards, we’d like to bring them down for the veterans,” Chapman told “And he said, ‘That’s great. We’re thrilled to have them, except the only thing is, we can’t accept anything that says ‘Merry Christmas’ or ‘God bless you’ or any scriptural references because of all the red tape.'””Targeting the benevolent work of little children for censorship is disgusting,” Sasser told me. “Do the Grinches in the administration of the VA really believe our bravest warriors need protection from the heartfelt well wishes of small children saying Merry Christmas?”


We bring you this story to make sure it is absolutely clear that Move America Forward has not and will never censor Christmas cards sent to the troops. We know that Christmas is the most important holiday of the year to many Americans and our troops. We would never try to censor God or the religious history out of Christmas!

This is a shame as we often hear that it is the personalized letter from supporters that mean so much to troops. Christmas messages are some of the most requested items that our military look forward to every year. For some, it is the only letter they will receive all year.

MAF sent thousands of Christmas cards in our care packages this year, most of them made by school kids like the one in the story. Every card was checked for offensive or abusive language but never rejected due to religion!






At the end of every calendar year, we at Move America Forward look back on some of the highlights of the last year. It’s a great way to remind you, our supporters, of all the wonderful things we were able to do for the troops thanks to your generous donations.
February, 2013
Valentine’s Day Cards for the Troops

This year MAF sent thousands of Valentine’s Day Care Packages to our troops in Afghanistan. Valentine’s Day packages included cards prepared by local school kids and the iconic Sweet Hearts message candies as well as MAF Candy Diplomacy Jelly Belly Jelly Beans!

This is the perfect time to consider making one last donation for our troops by sponsoring a care package from Move America Forward. Whether it’s a Christmas Care Package, K9 Care Package for the working dogs in their squad, or a Wounded Warrior Care Package! Help us start strong in 2014 and together we will continue to do great things for our troops!

Remember that MAF is a 501(c)(3) charity
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Make your donation by December 31st, so that you can
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February-March, 2013


In February and March of this year MAF raised enough funds to send care packages to over 800 Marines of the 1st Marine Division (1MARDIV)
in Afghanistan. As one of the oldest, largest and most decorated units in the pantheon of US Military History, it was an honor for us to send support to the 1st Marines “Geronimo”

First, I want to THANK EVERYONE who participates in the Move America Forward Care Package Program. I wanted to provide you some insights as to what your MARINES and SAILORS do when deployed.

Your deployed WARRIORS work an average of 14 hour days. For those actually in Afghanistan and actively involved in the FIGHT, that number goes up dramatically. As anyone who serves or has had a loved who serves in a WAR ZONE can tell you, there’s very little time for sleep when actually involved in the FIGHT.

I can assure you, when your WARRIORS receive letters and care packages it means the WORLD to them!

1st Marine Division
Family Readiness Coordinator

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