Valentine’s Day Care Packages Shipping Now!


Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, a day most Americans get to spend celebrating with loved ones and families. Unlees you are one of the 38,000 American troops in Afghanistan, still struggling against the Taliban. Please think about our troops serving overseas, missing their families and loved ones this Valentine’s Day.Our troops sacrifice their own time, travel thousands of miles away, leaving everyone else behind to serve their country. The least we can do is take some time to thank them for their service and maybe evensend a care package full of useful items that they have requested in the field.

It can cost as little as $24.99 to send an uplifting message of support that will make someone’s deployment a bit easier to cope with. 

This Valentine’s Day show the troops you care
and send them a personal note from you, along with coffee, cookies, beef jerky, and boxes of Valentine’s candy.
Don’t let our troops in Afghanistan be forgotten, sponsor a care package now. CLICK HERE TO SEND SUPPORT!
Care Packages Shipping Today!

 Our volunteers are working overtime to ship as many care packages out as possible! Time is running out quickly, but our volunteers are committed to working until the very last minute to get as many packages overseas as they can! Here are a few more pictures from our warehouse where our team of dedicated troop supporters have been working hard to pack up and ship out all the boxes sponsored by our generous donors. You can sponsor one by clicking HERE.


Please send the troops some love with your personal message attached to a care package full of things that they want. Valentine’s Day may be a day for loved ones, couples and family, but no matter what day of the year it is, no one deserves our respect and support more than our troops.

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