U.S. Senate and President Still Refuse to ACT!

It’s Tuesday, October 8, 2013, seven days into the federal government shutdown and our Veterans services are declining or coming to a complete halt. Military supporters are screaming for the US Senate and President to put politics aside and honor the benefits that our veterans and their families have earned, but the White House simply dismissed it as a “gimmick” ( according to W.H. Press Secretary Jay Carney). Demand your Elected officials take actions and our Veterans over Politics.

To the veterans who have lost limbs or mentally suffered since their service it is not just a gimmick. PTSD and PTBI (Post Traumatic Brian Injury) are very real and those who suffer from these injuries depend on the benefits they have earned for their honorable service. The families of the troops who have paid the ultimate price, their life, in the name or our country deserve better.

Shutdown holding up military, VA benefits

by Gregg Zoroya
October 8, 2013

…the families of four soldiers and a Marine killed in Afghanistan since the shutdown last week are not receiving a $100,000 death gratuity or any unpaid income due their loved ones, or being reimbursement for burial expenses, the Pentagon says.

“Unfortunately, as a result of the shutdown, we do not have the legal authority to make death gratuity payments at this time,” says Navy Lt. Com. Nate Christensen, a Pentagon spokesman.

There are over 750,000 disability claims pending, some 60% percent over 125 days old. Without funding, all the progress the VA has made to catch up will stop. Many of the men and women who are depended on to help Veterans fill those claims out and process them have been furloughed. 56 regional offices where veterans could file claims for compensation for combat or other service-related wounds, injuries or illnesses have been shut down.

It’s so important that we honor the men and women who sacrifice so much for us in uniform.

Please join us in asking the US Senate and President to put politics aside to Fund the VA and take care of our veterans. Here are some comments from patriots who have signed!

Sign our petition and demand that the US SENATE AND PRESIDENT pass legislation to fund our veterans’ benefits and VA medical centers!!!

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