Urgent: Announcing Operation Mail Call

URGENT: Announcing Operation Mail Call

We have created a very GOOD problem that we urgently need your help with.

As a result of the holiday generosity of several great companies, we received a large influx of donated items that our troops need. Move America Forward staff and volunteers have been working around the clock to pack and prepare all the extra donated product for shipping. Here is the problem we are facing: with so many extra boxes, we don’t have any money left for postage to ship the much needed supplies and care packages to our troops!

We have 1,620 care packages ready to ship in our Sacramento warehouse – they just need postage!

We have 1,620 boxes of care packages and supplies packed and ready to ship, but without money for postage, they are stuck in our Sacramento warehouse.  We need your help to purchase postage and get them out of our warehouse, where they are doing no good, and over to Afghanistan and into the arms of our troops that so desperately need them.

The cost to mail each box is $13.30 from the USPS.  That means that we urgently need to raise $21,546 ASAP.  Will you please help us purchase the postage to mail these supplies to our troops?

Below is a chart of how many boxes we can ship with your generous donation:

It is of the utmost importance that we reach our goal of raising $21,546 for postage to get these care packages and supplies out of our warehouse and mailed to the front lines of Afghanistan where our troops are in need.  Please consider making a donation today.

With our troops on the front lines fighting the war on terror with less and less government supplied resources, the need for Americans back home to support them has never been greater!

We here at Move America Forward are doing all we can to help provide that needed support and supplies, but must ask for your help.

As soon as we receive money for postage, we have volunteers ready to print out the necessary postage, fill out the customs forms, and drive them to the local post office to be shipped

*Remember all donations to Move America Forward are tax-deductible.

We hear over and over again from troops that receiving a care package got them through some of their toughest times on deployment. A message of support and love reminded them that they are in our hearts.

Click here to donate postage and help us reach our goal so that we can give our troops the best gift anyone can get while deployed — love, care, and support!


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