Troops Write to Say Thank You for Support!


Here at MAF we are very pleased to hear how much encouragement and joy our troops get when they receive a care package from you. With our troops facing danger every single day over in Afghanistan, a single gesture of compassion from you has a tremendous impact. Despite working 18 hours a day for weeks or some days not resting at all, they never give up, never falter, and always get the job done.

We hear over and over again from troops that receiving a care package got them through some of their toughest times on deployment. A message of support and love reminded them that they are in our hearts. Click here to send a care package and give our troops the best gift anyone can get while deployed; love, care, and support!

They can’t wait to open up something from you!!

Thank You Notes from Afghanistan ~ telling us how much these care packages made a difference and had a positive impact.


Letters like this remind us every day how much they mean to troops who receive nothing else all year. It’s hard to believe, but most of the time the only thing they will receive while deployed is your care package & your message of support.This next one comes from a Chaplain who requested packages for a few of his troops who really needed a boost in morale. Thanks to your generous support we are able to fulfill these requests whenever we get them.

Reading these messages helps to remind us how important sending care packages to the front lines is. As a MAF supporter, you can be proud to have reached out and touched the hearts and lives of so many troops overseas. THANK YOU!

It is only thanks to your that so many get the love and support they need!
Keep up the good work and donate today!

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