Troops Record Easter Video Greetings for their Families



Easter is coming quickly. We now have only 9 days left until March 31st, Easter Sunday, which means we need to ship these care packages out NOW so they have plenty of time to reach the troops in Afghanistan. Easter is one of the most important holidays of the year and we can’t let our troops be forgotten on this important holiday!

Our troops will be missing their families and thinking about home a lot. Some lucky troops in Afghanistan had the opportunity to record a video greeting for their families back home to watch. Check out this greeting recorded by Leuitenant Walker and Command Sergeatn Major Watson.



These troops were lucky to be able to send a greeting to their families back home, but not all of our troops have that luxury, so they can get lonely during Easter. As you plan your Easter egg hunts and Easter brunch feasts with your families, remember our troops who  American troops are thousands of miles away from their loved ones and fighting for our country. Donate now to help our troops in Afghanistan!


This is a reminder that YOU can make a difference to one or more of our troops. Every individual person who donates and sponsors a care package to Afghanistan, for as little as $24.95, is making a real difference.

It’s an immeasurable morale boost to the individual soldier, marine, airman, sailor, or guardsman who receives a care package, or to the whole unit when you sponsor a larger package that gets shared with many troops.

Donate now to make a difference to our troops over in Afghanistan with plenty of time to get the care package shipped off before Easter Sunday.

Your personal message will be sent in a care package packed by our volunteers and sent along with a box full of goodies including special Easter treats! The Easter Holiday is coming up quickly, so get your orders in now!


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