Troops Need Your Help to Cool Off!


Afghanistan’s unique terrain ranging from barren deserts to high mountains makes for extremely bitter cold winters and scorching hot summers. Our troops are starting to feel the effects of summer coming on, and it’s more than just the temperature rising! Not only is it harder for our troops to keep cool, but Taliban and Al Qaeda attacks are much more frequent during the summer.


This is not the time to let our troops down! Help keep our troops cool by sending these care packages full of useful items to help them get through a tough 9-12 month deployment! These care packages have lots of great items chosen specifically to help the troops keep cool in the hot Afghan summer.

Gatorade is a refreshing and rejuvenating beverage, replacing critical electrolytes that our troops lose when they sweat in the hot sun.
According to the Marine Corps Survival Manual, each individual in the field in Afghanistan needs to consume at least 2.6 gallons of water per day in order to remain healthy.



Wow, that’s an incredible amount of water right!? That’s because the Summer is so hot and our troops are so active, working so hard. Having a bag of Gatorade in a powder that you can easily mix with your water makes those 2.5 gallons of water taste a lot better and adds electrolytes!

Our care packages also come with these handy Hoo-Ahhs Field Towels which are HEAVY DUTY wet wipes that withstand the harsh conditions of Afghanistan where simple baby wipes just won’t cut it. These field towels are so durable, they can even be re-used.

Now imagine coming back from a 5 or 6 hour patrol in the hot sun, surviving contact with the enemy, but you get back to base and you’re fully drenched in sweat. These Hoo-Ahhs Field Towels are a godsend to a soldier or Marine who needs a quick field shower to wipe off that sweat and freshen up before the next patrol.

In addition, our care packages also come with a strong deodorant and antiperspirant, lip balm, and sun block to help cope with the heat! That’s not even mentioning the great favorites like Oreo Cookies and premium Painted Hills beef jerky!

Yes, a care package from Move America Forward is the perfect way to beat the heat if you’re on deployment in Afghanistan. These packages are especially important to get to our troops in the forward operating bases, because most of the PX or BX (like a convenience store on base where troops would normally get things like sun block and deodorant) have been shut down as part of President Obama’s withdrawal timetable. Some bases never had a PX in the first place! So our troops essentially have nowhere to get these essential items unless we send them!

Help provide these essential items for a soldier, Marine, sailor, airman, or guardsman serving in Afghanistan right now. With your help we will reach our goal to raise $50,000 before the official kick-off of Troopathon on June 27th!


Debbie Lee Phoenix, AZ $200


GREAT NEWS! One of our biggest supporters in the world of college athletics is returning for another year to support Troopathon 6: “Salute our Troops” if you don’t already know who we’re talking about it’s Duke University’s most famous basketball coach of all time Mike Krzyzewski!

Coach K is one of basketball’s most beloved names. He started out playing basketball for the Army basketball team while he studied at West Point Military Academy. After serving as an artillery officer he retired from active duty and began coaching basketball full time. He coached the Indiana Hoosiers and even returned to West Point to coach the Army Cadets before being named head coach of the Duke University team in 1980.

Coach K went on to lead Duke to an amazing 4 NCAA Championships. He has also coached the TEAM USA Men’s Olympic Basketball team  and won Gold Medals for the United States in 2008 and 2012! We are proud to have him as one of Troopathon’s most important supporters!



GREAT NEWS! For the first time ever, Troopathon will welcome the great Michael Savage as a guest on our show! Stay tuned for more big announcements!

Dr. Michael Savage is a multimedia icon in the conservative movement, heard by 10 million listeners a week on “The Michael Savage Show” and syndicated across the U.S. in more than 300 markets. He is also the author of 25 books, including four New York Times best-sellers. In 2007, his media presence and profile earned him the coveted “Freedom of Speech Award” from Talkers Magazine

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