Troops Need Help! 3 Killed by Suicide Bomber


Our Troops Need Your Help!

Our troops need help now!

The War on Terror is not winding down, but heating up! As temperatures rise into the hundreds, we’re seeing Taliban fighters coming out of their caves by the hundreds, attacking all over the country and often targeting civilians.

July 23, 2013

Ghazni, Afghanistan – A suicide bomber rode a donkey Tuesday into an Afghan and NATO military convoy, killing three Western soldiers and their Afghan interpreter, officials said.NATO’s International Security Assistance Force confirmed three casualties in a bombing in eastern Afghanistan but gave no details.

Afghan authorities said the attack happened in Wardak province, a hotbed of the Taliban insurgency just south of the capital Kabul.

Ataullah Khogyani, a spokesman for the provincial administration, told AFP that a suicide bomber riding a donkey blew himself up and killed three NATO soldiers and their Afghan interpreter.

Four Afghan soldiers who were also in the convoy in Sayedabad district were wounded.

Along with roadside bombings, suicide attacks — often carried out by multiple insurgents storming buildings and government facilities in big cities — are the group’s main tactic.

Today is a reminder of what our troops are facing every day. Our enemies attack without any concern for the lives they ruin. Whether it’s American troops or innocent children, the Taliban don’t care. Their only objective is to cause misery and confusion. Only our troops stand in their way!


We can’t forget about our troops, what they face, or who they are fighting every day to make Afghanistan safe for the people who live there. As the temperatures rise in the Summer, so do the attacks by Taliban forces on our troops. The summer is known as the “fighting season” in Afghanistan, meaning that terrorists who retreat to small villages and lay low during the winter will return to the battlefield.

This is the most dangerous time for our troops in Afghanistan and they need your support!
A note from home and care packages full of goodies are the perfect thing to keep morale high during this difficult time. Don’t forget about our troops fighting on the front lines.

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