Troops Don’t Need Armchair Generals


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Sacramento, Calif. – The nation’s largest pro-troop grassroots group, Move America Forward, came out strongly against the U.S. Senate Foreign Affairs Committee-passed resolution authorizing military action in Syria, but setting a 60-day limit.

“It would be wiser for Congress to either reject all military action or give President Obama the authority to exercise his authority as Commander-In-Chief without the burdens of ‘armchair Generals’ in Washington, said Danny Gonzalez, Communications Director for the group.

“We learned in past conflicts like Vietnam, and in President Obama’s confusing rules of engagement in Afghanistan, that the troops don’t need political interference. The American military is extremely good at what they do. If we give them an objective to complete and stay out of their way, they will accomplish it.  The Senate should stay out of how they complete that mission; that is a job for the commanders on the ground and not the politicians in Washington.

“While we continue to oppose any military action in Syria, it certainly shouldn’t be done with political conditions by Congress that impinges on the President’s own war powers.  We applaud the President and the Senate engaging in a debate before we risk the lives of our troops, but ultimately President Obama must show leadership and define the mission and take responsibility for it.

“We remain convinced that America has little to gain from a limited strike against Syria, and it is better to take no action than to send in the military in a way that is not likely to change the situation. If the military is deployed, we must not constrain them with rules or timetables.  As we have already learned in Afghanistan and Iraq, timetables send the wrong signal to the enemy and shows that we are not committed to achieving our objectives. It is better to do nothing at all than to approve a half-hearted measure constrained by arbitrary timetables or rules of engagement that would ultimately achieve nothing,” Gonzalez concluded.

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