Troopathon Announces Mike Huckabee & Larry O’Connor

Governor Mike Huckabee and Larry O’Connor


We are excited to announce two brand new hosts this year at Troopathon 6: Salute Our Troops. We will be welcoming Governor Mike Huckabee and Breitbart Editor Larry O’Connor as co-hosts of the 6th annual Troopathon.

Because of their continuing dedication to all of our men and women in uniform serving overseas, we are honored to have Governor Huckabee and Mr. O’Connor join us on stage with Move America Forward co-founder & San Francisco radio talk show host Melanie Morgan and Gold Star Mom Debbie Lee to host the 8-hour Troopathon broadcast on June 27th at the Richard Nixon Presidential Library in Orange County. California!

Guests are signing up and many others are
inviting their friends to Help Our Troops NOW!!!
They are fighting hard for us. Send them the comforts
of home and a personal message of support!!!
Troopathon 6 Mission: Send the Largest-Ever
Shipment of Care Packages to Afghanistan

At last year’s Troopathon 5: Never Forget Our Troops, Governor Mike Huckabee gave Troopathon the mic and a massive boost by welcoming our own MAF spokesperson Gold Star Mom Debbie Lee on to his top-rated radio program for an interview.  Now Governor Huckabee has stepped up in a big way to help support the troops by agreeing to host our annual event.

Lieutenant Governor Mike became Governor of Arkansas in 1996 after previous Democratic Governor Jim Tucker was convicted of fraud in the Clinton Whitewater scandal and resigned. After completing the remainder of Tucker’s term, he was re-elected in 1998 and again in 2002.

As a Presidential hopeful vying for the Republican nomination in 2008, Governor Huckabee ran a strong campaign, winning the all-important Iowa caucuses as well as several key states like West Virginia and Kentucky. Although the nomination would eventually go to Senator John McCain of Arizona, Governor Huckabee showed himself to be a strong leader with a massive base of supporters. Most importantly he was a consistent and faithful supporter of our troops and their missions to defeat Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups in Iraq and Afghanistan.

When MAF care packages destined for Afghanistan were stolen during our Christmas push in 2012, it was Gov. Huckabee who took to the airwaves to help us recover what was lost. Thanks to him we were able to reach all the troops who had their care packages stolen away by a sinister Grinch.


Debbie Lee on the Mike Huckabee Radio Show to Promote Troopathon

Larry O’Connor is the Editor-in-Chief of, encompassing all the great blogs we love like Big Hollywood, Big Journalism, and of course Big Peace and others. Larry began working with Andrew Breitbart in 2009 when he started writing for Big Hollywood and was promoted to Editor-in-Chief in 2011.

In 2010 Larry began his first radio show “Stage Right” and has filled in for dozens of great conservative talk show hosts. He is now a permanent host of “Mornings on the Mall” on WMAL Radio with co-host Brian Wilson.

Andrew was a dear friend and a hero to our troops and Move America Forward. After his sad passing in 2012 we were all heartbroken, especially Larry who was one of Andrew’s closest friends. But after that tragedy, Larry took on an even bigger role and we are extremely proud to welcome him to the Troopathon to continue the longstanding and close partnership between Move America Forward and

Our troops are serving in some of the most dangerous places to be in the world, where the Taliban and their Al Qaeda allies continue to try and destabilize a nation, to bring back a safe haven for radical Islam where extremists can train, plot, and launch attacks against the nations of the Western world, primarily the United States.

Our mission is to send care packages to support those brave troops! For as little as $25 you can send support to a Soldier, Marine, Airman, Sailor, or Guardsman serving overseas. Each package contains lots of goodies and helpful items that our troops appreciate, such as coffee, cookies, beef jerky, deodorant, wet wipes and more!

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