Thousands Care Packages Shipped Overseas



Move America Forward and our great volunteers continue to meet the high demand for Thanksgiving Holiday Care Packages. This crew spent the entire day assembling, taping and shipping another huge round of care packages to our brave men and women serving on the front lines in Afghanistan. These care packages will be arriving just in time for the holidays, which otherwise is a very lonely time for many of our brave troops out on long their 2nd, 3rd or e
ven more deployments away from their homes and families.

Winters in Afghanistan are freezing! Unlike Iraq, Afghanistan actually has huge mountains in the East that dump an ending supply of snow and cold on our troops. Temperatures dip below freezing and every hot chocolate or cup of coffee that comes from home is tremendously appreciated.

Warm their hearts along with their bodies during the ICE- COLD
Afghanistan nights with a MAF Thanksgiving Care Package.

Please remember to Include our troops and their families in your Thanksgiving prayers and be sure to sponsor a Care Package from Move America Forward to send a little bit of Thanksgiving cheer to our troops fighting in Afghanistan!

Here’s another great photo of MAF volunteers doing what they love – assembling care packages together for the troops. Each package we make is sponsored by a generous donor like you. After Sponsoring a Package and including your personal message a dedicated MAF volunteer will do the rest and make sure your gift gets to where it needs to go, packed with care and love.

We hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving planned, surrounded by friends and family. This year, we hope everyone can take a little time out from celebrating to reflect and be thankful for our troops serving in Afghanistan. The tens of thousands who are still deployed will be spending Thanksgiving standing guard, training Afghan recruits for police and security forces, patrolling for Taliban and Al-Qaeda, and protecting our nation.

Your words of support included in every care package will remind them of how much we support them and will provide comfort while they are so far from home.

Replace a government issued MRE with a personal Care Package issued by Patriots, full of things to keep their bodies warm along with their hearts.

Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate, Gourmet Coffee and a personal message from you is a great way to show how grateful you are for their service.

Do not let our troops spend this Thanksgiving without letting them know how thankful you and your family are this Thanksgiving!

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