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OORAH!!! To every single one of our supporters who gave so generously before Easter to support the 800 American Patriots we adopted in the 1/5 Marines as part of our “Answer the Call 800 campaign”.

Thanks to you we were able to raise enough money to not only send each Marine a care package, but each Marine also got a special personal message which really makes each care package so much more meaningful to the Marines who received them.

The words we send directly from you to the troops truly make the all difference in world, but don’t take our word for it, read what the 1st Marine Division Family Readiness Program Coordinator had to say in response to your efforts:

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am Bill Durdin, the 1st Marine Division Family Readiness Program Coordinator also known as, the FRO at Camp Pendleton California.
First, I want to THANK EVERYONE who participates in the Move America Forward Care Package Program. I wanted to provide you some insights as to what your MARINES and SAILORS do when deployed.Your deployed WARRIORS work an average of 14 hour days. For those actually in Afghanistan and actively involved in the FIGHT, that number goes up dramatically. As anyone who serves or has had a loved who serves in a WAR ZONE can tell you, there’s very little time for sleep when actually involved in the FIGHT.I can assure you, when your WARRIORS receive letters and care packages it means the WORLD to them!Honestly stated, there are times when actually in the fight, you ask yourself, “Is this really worth it and, do the folks back home really care?” But when they receive your care packages those thoughts go away.

Simply stated, it makes a difference when you know your efforts are APPRECIATED and RESPECTED by the folks back home!


Your Marine Remain,

Bill Durdin USMC Ret, MBA, M.Ed,
1st Marine Division
“The Tip Of the Spear”
Family Readiness Program Coordinator

Here at Move America Forward we are amazed by the unyielding support we see for our troops every day, whether it be a phone call, letter, donation, volunteer or anything else. It is our absolute honor to be your resource to reach the troops and let them know we support them.

With Easter approaching we are already working hard putting together the next shipment of Care Packages.

If you didn’t have a chance to participate in the “Answer the Call: 800 Marines” campaign, please take the time to send a care package now.

It’s so important to the moral and well-being of our troops. Take the time to include your message, words that will be read in the sands of Afghanistan by a patriot who deserves them.

Thank you again for your support

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