Terrorist To Be Tried on US Soil With US Rights

HELP! 144 Marines Still Need Care Packages

Thanks to many supporters generously donating over the weekend, we are a lot closer to reaching our goal of 800 Marines sponsored! We’ve currently raised enough to help 656 troops of the 1/5 Marines, that leaves 144 Marines who still need support – – help us reach our goal!


When our troops overseas receive these care packages, it’s a huge boost to morale and helps give them the comforts that remind them of home. Please help us reach our goal and help us get enough donations to sponsor the remaining 144 Marines who still need care packages! Donate now!

Make sure to include your words of encouragement that can help them through another patrol, watch, fire fight and tour.

If 14 people out there each sponsored a Squad Pack (Serves 10 Troops) then we could reach our goal today! Or if just three really generous people could sponsor Battalion Packs, that would push us across the finish line.

It’s a lot to ask for one person to donate so much, but is there any better gift we can give to our Marines on the front lines who are out there fighting for us?

Move America Forward is proud to continue supporting the 1st Marine Division, the oldest, largest, and most decorated division in the United States Marine Corps. There are currently 800 of our adopted Marines in Afghanistan who need our help! By sending support to the Marines in a critical area, we can make a huge difference!

Training: Troops from 1st Battalion, 5th Marines train at home base in
Camp Pendleton, California, preparing for their current deployment in Afghanistan.


MAF Speaks Out on Sulaiman Abu Ghaith Trial

This week, MAF waded into the public debate over whether the recently captured suspected terrorist and son-in-law of Osama Bin Laden Sulaiman Abu Ghaith ought to be tried in Guantanamo Bay or in US Federal Court in New York as President Obama intends to do.

Move America Forward harshly criticized the decision by the Obama Administration to attempt the trial in New York because it would give the constitutional rights that should only be given to US citizens to a terrorist at war with the United States. It also presents  many legal obstacles that would not be a problem if he was tried under a military commission at Guantanamo Bay.

It also gives Al-Qaeda a soapbox to espouse their anti-American message on the world stage.

Our statement on the Abu Ghaith trial was posted at US News and World Report along with several other opinions, some from liberal groups who support the terrorist Abu Ghaith. Please click here and go to the USN&WR website and vote for MAF’s position!


Click the UP arrow next to MAF’s article.

Add Your Name to the List: MAF Heroes!

These are the top donors who have contributed since we began this effort to adopt 800 Marines from the 1st Battalion, 5th Regiment of Marines in the 1st Marine Division. These heroes have stepped up their support with large contributions to help our Marines in Afghanistan.

Our Marines overseas are extremely thankful!
Is your name on the list?


Alexander S. Bentonville, AR $1,999.98
Rich W. Honolulu, HI $1,198.00
Dorothy B. El Paso, TX $999.99
Jo C. Abilene, TX $999.99
Vincent M. Maryland Heights, MO $999.99
Dave S. Phoenix, AZ $999.99
John B. Hilliard, OH $599.99
Lucia U. Longboat Key, FL $599.99
Walter O. New Town, ND $399.98
Carol P. Spokane, WA $399.98
Amy S. Albuquerque, NM $399.98
Marilyn K. Santa Rosa, CA $249.90
Jeffrey A. Bear, DE $199.99
Tip B. Fluvanna, TX $199.99
Trent B. Houston, TX $199.99
Ronald B. Priest River, ID $199.99
Bruce B. Studio City, CA $199.99
Anthony B. Sarasota, FL $199.99
Mary C. Grayslake, IL $199.99
Francis C. Revere, MA $199.99
Steve C. Dublin, CA $199.99
Diana D. Placentia, CA $199.99
Ralph E. Wetumpka, AL $199.99
Ann F. Bend, OR $199.99
Steve F. Stinnett, TX $199.99
Karen G. Vancouver, WA $199.99
Mason H. Katy, TX $199.99
Susan H. Pleasanton, CA $199.99
Thomas J. Portsmouth, VA $199.99
Lewis L. Milton, FL $199.99
Barbara L. Livermore, CA $199.99
Linda L. McKinney, TX $199.99
Ervin M. Brandon, MS $199.99
J M. Hanover, PA $199.99
Sandra N. Louisville, KY $199.99
Lisa O. Danville, CA $199.99
Susan O. Orlando, FL $199.99
Michelle R. Newport Coast, CA $199.99
Mary S. Palmetto Bay, FL $199.99
Karen W. Redmond, WA $199.99
david W. Gaithersburg, MD $199.99
John W. Tulsa, OK $199.99


Add your name to the list by sponsoring a care package for the Marines today!



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