Taliban Attack Near US Embassy

Taliban Terrorists Hit Near U.S. Embassy Leaving at Least 14 Dead

Associated Press / FOX NEWS

June 11, 2013

Kabul, Afghanistan – Kabul police say a suicide car bomber that struck outside the Supreme Court in the Afghan capital has killed at least 14 people and wounded 30.

Police spokesman Hashmat Stanikzai says Tuesday’s attack was carried out by a bomber in an SUV. He says the attacker specifically targeted buses with court employees as they were leaving after the day’s work.

The courthouse is on a main road in central Kabul near the U.S. Embassy.

It was the second attack in Kabul in as many days.

…the Taliban and other militants have unleashed a wave of bombings and assassinations around the country…On Monday, seven Taliban fighters with rocket-propelled grenades and machine guns launched a rare assault on NATO’s operational headquarters at the military section of Kabul’s international airport.


Our troops need help now! The War on Terror is not winding down, but heating up. As temperatures rise into the hundreds, we’re seeing Taliban fighters coming out of their caves by the hundreds, attacking all over the country often targeting civilians. Yesterday they brazenly attacked the Kabul Airport which serves as a nerve center for NATO forces. Last week they bombed right outside of a school, killing at least 10 students, just innocent children trying to get an education.

Today is a reminder of what our troops are facing every day. Our enemies attack without any concern for the lives they ruin. Whether it’s government officials like these supreme court workers or innocent children, the Taliban don’t care, their only objective is to cause misery and confusion. Only our troops stand in their way!

We can’t forget about our troops, what they face, or who they are fighting every day to make Afghanistan safe for the people who live there. As the temperatures rise in the Summer, so do the attacks by Taliban forces on our troops. The summer is known as the “fighting season” in Afghanistan, meaning that terrorists who retreat to small villages and lay low during the winter will return to the battlefield.

This is the most dangerous time for our troops in Afghanistan and they need your support!

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