April Newsletter

Wounded Warrior Care Packages for our Veterans

Move America Forward has always been dedicated to supporting our deployed troops serving in harm’s way.  Our highly successful program has delivered over 215 tons of care packages loaded with the items they want and need. Plus each is packed with helpful information and most importantly — a personal message from you.

Sadly, many of our troops still feel the effects of battle long after they return home. Over 8 million veterans are enrolled in the Department of Veteran Affairs System on which they rely for everything from routine checkups to life saving surgery. With this in mind, MAF is proud to announce this April we are launching “Wounded Warrior Care Packs.”

Our durable, flame retardant “Wounded Warrior Care Packs (WWCP)” come with an easy cinch closure to keep our filled-to-the-brim packs secure.

Each bag comes loaded with essentials our brave veterans need to make their hospital stay more comfortable. From our non-slip hospital socks for cold floors, to our 10 piece toothbrush kits, toothpaste, mouthwash, deodorant, lip balm, and other approved personal hygienic items. We also include a deck of playing cards, candy, and sugar-free chewing gum to make our veterans feel a little bit more at home

Many of our troops are returning home from Afghanistan or Iraq with life-altering injuries sustained in the line of fire, protecting our freedoms and liberties. Some patients may even be Vietnam or Desert Storm Veterans who made sacrifices for our nation decades ago.

Please take the time to say thank you for those sacrifices and help provide for our wounded veterans by donating a MAF “Wounded Warrior Care Pack.” Each bag will be delivered to local VA hospitals and distributed to Veterans coming in for extended treatment. By making your 100% tax deductible donation you will ensure that sick or wounded veterans are getting exactly what the VA says they need.


Troop Tweets

Are you on Twitter? Follow us @M_A_F to share your story, let others know how to donate and even request a care packages to be sent out for you. Stay informed on the latest news.  Use the #SOT and #CarePackage hashtags to let everyone know how to help.

So go ahead and tweet us a troop picture or support message @M_A_F and you just might find your tweet featured in one of our upcoming newsletter!

MAF is Proud to Honor
Sgt. Michael C. Cable of Kentucky

Sgt. Michael C. Cable, 26, of Philpot, Ky., was killed March 27 in Shinwar District, Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan, according to a news release from the Department of Defense.

According to Defense Department reports, Sgt. Cable had been on guard duty in  an area that was to be used for the swearing in of new Afghan police last week.

Upon completion of his duty, Cable was playing with several local children when he was stabbed in the back of the neck by an Afghan teenager believed to be approximately 16 years old. The attacker fled to Pakistan for protection and has reportedly joined Taliban forces there.

Cable was a fire support specialist assigned to Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 1st Battalion, 327th Infantry, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division deployed out of Fort Campbell, Kentucky..

Cable has been posthumously awarded the Bronze Star, and Purple Heart.  Serving since 2007, Cable had also previously been awarded the Army Good Conduct Medal, National Defense Service Medal, Afghanistan Campaign Medal w/Bronze Service Star, Iraq Campaign Medal with Bronze Service Star, Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, Noncommissioned Officers Professional Development Ribbon, Army Service Ribbon, Overseas Service Ribbon, NATO Medal, Combat Action Badge and the Air Assault Badge.

Cable is survived by his parents, Raymond L. Johnston Sr., and Vickie M. Johnston, both of Philpot, Ky., and his brother, Raymond L. Johnston Jr.


Local Girl Scouts Wow with Big Cookie Donation

Thanks to a generous donation from local Girl Scout troops, our care packages will also include Girl Scout cookies while supplies last. Everyone loves Girl Scout cookies, and thanks to some local area troops, our deployed troops will also enjoy munching on these springtime favorites as well when they receive their next car package from Move America Forward.

    Girl Scout Cookies Donated by local troops

Send a 100% tax deductible care package now so our troops can enjoy a treat from you!

Calling all Troops!
Signing up to receive packages is easy!

If you are deployed or have the address of a deployed military member, you can click here for our Military Sign Up Center to sign them up to receive one of our great care packages loaded with plenty of the TLC our soldiers need to remind them that people back home support their mission.

If you prefer, copy this link and e-mail it to your soldier so they can sign up themselves. Once the soldier has registered they’ll be eligible to receive packages and messages of support from caring Americans like you.

A Big Easter Thank You!

Thanks to your support our troops received hundreds of Easter care packages. This year was one of our most successful Easter programs ever. It’s nice to know while we were all here at home celebrating with family and loved ones, thanks to the generous support of Move America Forward donors, many of our troops received a little taste of home. Although Easter is now behind us, the troops always appreciate a package from home complete with a personal note from you.  Why not take the time to send a package now if you have not done so recently.


Opening the MARC A LEE Training Center at SEAL Base Coronado

Waves brushed the sands on the Naval Amphibious Base in Coronado on March 20, 2013 just as they have done for decades. Every Navy SEAL recognizes those sounds as this is the base where BUDs recruits begin their journey determined to earn their Trident.

Marc was all too familiar with those beaches, the grinder and the buildings on that base.  He endured surf torture, rock portage and grueling runs back and forth on that beach. The intense training at Coronado also included dives in the cold Pacific Ocean, commands to ‘go get wet and sandy’ followed by countless pushups, pull ups and extensive training.

Only 20-25% of those who start the training at BUDs to become a SEAL have the determination, mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually to see their dream become a reality.

Marc graduated in class 251 and was proudly pinned with his Trident. In April 2006 Marc deployed with ST-3 Charlie platoon to Ramadi, Iraq.  During that time Ramadi saw some of the deadliest battles our service members faced and our nation suffered the loss of many brave heroes there.  After an intense two hour firefight and after selflessly exposing himself three different times to enemy fire, Marc sacrificed his life to save his teammates, for his country and for our freedoms.  Marc was awarded the Silver Star, Bronze Star with valor, Purple Heart and numerous other awards.

On my first trip to Iraq in 2007 I brought back some of the sands from the desert at Camp Marc Lee where he was stationed. The sands in Ramadi were quite different than those in Coronado and I know every one of our troops who had experienced both, longed to be back on the familiar soil of home.

It was the familiar sands on Coronado that brought hundreds of people to the base on March 20, on what would have been Marc’s 35th birthday. They were there to dedicate the new TRADET building where all of the SEALS train before each and every deployment.

The Navy, Marc’s Commanders and teammates choose to honor and remember Marc by naming this building after a hero who focused intently on pushing his body and training in every aspect of his life.


Above the quarterdeck at the front of the building large silver letters wrap around the framework of the Marc A Lee Training Center.  Upon entering the quarterdeck you immediately  recognize you are in a place of respect, awe and reverence, and if you didn’t know Marc you are introduced to a Mighty Warrior.

The walls and floor are painted black and there is a large rug with the Memorial patch woven through the threads. This is the Memorial patch that his teammates made and wore the rest of the deployment after his was killed. There is an almost life size etching of Marc on granite, with his famous words from his last letter home, “pass on the love, the kindness, the precious gift of human life.”

Strategically placed are his last letter home, awards, memorial knife, challenge coin, American flag, Navy SEAL flag and a screen flashing pictures of Marc.


Throughout the building are displays with Marc’s belongings telling the story of not just this young man as a Navy SEAL but as a soccer player, Bible student, athlete, “class clown” and a man who loved his family, friends, and teammates.

The ceremony was about an hour long and consisted of speeches made by Commander Green who was Marc’s CO at ST-3 when he died and now is in charge of the West coast SEALs, Jocko Willink who was in Ramadi with Marc as his task unit Commander and myself.  President Bush couldn’t attend but sent a letter that was read, along with a letter from Gen Sean McFarland.
The grinder was prepared for the celebratory occasion and after the ceremony family, friends, and teammates mingled and shared stories of how Marc had impacted their lives.

We ended the day with about 50 of Marc’s family, close friends and teammates at a birthday dinner hosted by America’s Mighty Warriors. We cut cake in Marc’s memory and remembered this hero who had not only changed our lives but lives all over the world.

The Marc A Lee Training Center will be an ongoing legacy to Marc and how he lived his life and will challenge, motivate and encourage every person who enters that building to never give up.

NAB Coronado Building Dedicated to Fallen Navy SEAL

Thanks to all who Answered the Call!

Thanks to you we were able to raise enough money to not only send each Marine a care package, but each Marine also got a special personal message which really makes each care package so much more meaningful to the Marines who received them.

The words we send directly from you to the troops truly make all the difference in the world, but don’t take our word for it, read what the 1st Marine Division Family Readiness Program Coordinator had to say in response to your efforts:


Ladies and Gentlemen, I am Bill Durdin, the 1st Marine Division Family Readiness Program Coordinator also known as, the FRO at Camp Pendleton California.First, I want to THANK EVERYONE who participates in the Move America Forward Care Package Program. I wanted to provide you some insights as to what your MARINES and SAILORS do when deployed.Your deployed WARRIORS work an average of 14 hour days. For those actually in Afghanistan and actively involved in the FIGHT, that number goes up dramatically. As anyone who serves or has had a loved who serves in a WAR ZONE can tell you, there’s very little time for sleep when actually involved in the FIGHT.

I can assure you, when your WARRIORS receive letters and care packages it means the WORLD to them!Honestly stated, there are times when actually in the fight, you ask yourself, “Is this really worth it and, do the folks back home really care?” But when they receive your care packages those thoughts go away.

Simply stated, it makes a difference when you know your efforts are APPRECIATED and RESPECTED by the folks back home!THANK YOU AGAIN FOR ALL YOU DO!

Your Marine Remain,

Bill Durdin USMC Ret, MBA, M.Ed,

1st Marine Division
“The Tip Of the Spear”
Family Readiness Program Coordinator


Obama Demands Debt Ceiling Increase – Threatens Troop Benefits

Obama demands quick action to raise debt limit

AP White House Correspondent

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama demanded on Monday that lawmakers raise the nation’s $16.4 trillion federal debt limit quickly, warning that “Social Security benefits and veterans’ checks will be delayed” if they don’t and cautioning Republicans not to insist on cuts to government spending in exchange. (more…)



FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                       CONTACT: Scott Raab
January 14, 2013                                  sraab@moveamericaforward.org (916) 583 – 8321



SACRAMENTO, Calif. –Move America Forward (MAF), the nation’s largest grassroots pro-troops organization, expressed outrage and condemned the use of our soldiers who bravely sacrifice every day for their country, as a political football. Today at an hour-long news conference President Barack Obama threatened not to pay out benefits to military veterans unless Republican lawmakers agree to raise the nation’s $16.4 trillion federal debt limit quickly with no agreement of cuts to government spending in exchange.

Scott Raab, a spokesman for the group and Navy Veteran, says Obama’s strategy is playing politics with our troops and their families.

“He’s threatening military families, saying they won’t get paychecks or benefits, unless Republicans go along with whatever he wants,” says Raab, who is currently receiving disability benefits from the VA that could be withheld according to Obama’s statements. (more…)