Support the Veterans – Our Heroes Deserve Better

Support our Veterans

It’s unfortunate that our troops give so much and make such enormous sacrifice only to come home and encounter difficulty trying to get the care they deserve. VA hospitals often provide inadequate care for veterans that experience severe physical and psychological trauma for years after their service.

Not only that, but government budget cuts will cause more veterans to enter the VA healthcare system in the coming years. America’s heroes are currently struggling with physical and mental ailments but are not given the care, coverage and help that they deserve.

Move America Forward encourages you to sign our petition – to properly fund the VA and support our veterans.


Wounded Warrior Veteran Care Packages

In the meantime, Move America Forward has a program outlined specifically to support injured troops and veterans receiving treatment at Military Hospitals or VA medical centers.

These special packages are filled with personal care items that patients receiving treatment at military hospitals desperately need such as toothpaste, mouthwash, hospital socks, razors and shaving cream, playing cards and snacks. It’s not all they deserve but it’s the least we can do to bring additional comfort to the lives of our heroes.

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