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There are only 6 days left until Mother’s Day, that means time is running out to sponsor a great Mother’s Day care package from Move America Forward!

Did you know that over 200,000 women have fought in Iraq and Afghanistan? Included in that number are over 85,000 mothers who said goodbye to their husbands, sons and daughters to go overseas and fight for their country.

By Petula DvorakAbout 220,000 women have served in Afghanistan and Iraq. About 40 percent of active-duty women, or almost 85,000, are mothers, according to a Joint Economic Committee report. And of those, at least 30,000 are single moms.

That’s a lot of American kids who know that Mommy’s not going to make it to the dance recital, won’t be there for the birthday party and, to be perfectly truthful, might not come home at all.

The multi-tasking mom – our worries, our woes, our spit-up-stained business suits and overcommitted volunteering – is practically a walking cliche. But what about when Mom wears fatigues and a bad day means enemy gunfire?

We’ve received hundreds of notes from troops overseas talking about how difficult it is to miss holidays and birthdays while deployed. Imagine being halfway around the world, away from your son or daughter for the first time? This is the reality of our modern military family and as Americans it’s up to us to support those troops who bravely sacrifice so much to defend our freedoms.Mother’s day will be especially tough for the thousands of moms still serving over in Afghanistan. It’s a dangerous job and they risk everything to do their duty.Over the weekend 7 U.S. troops were killed in one of the deadliest weekends we’ve seen in Afghanistan this year. Five soldiers were lost in southern Afghanistan when they hit a roadside bomb while on patrol. Another two troops were killed when an insurgent posing as Afghan Nation Army member turned his guns on coalition troops, shaking the confidence of NATO soldiers to work withe Afghans.These tragic events are a stark and disturbing reminder that our troops are serving in harm’s way, especially the moms serving overseas.We are delighted to announce that we’ve just made MOTHER’S DAY care packages available for order on our website! It’s the right time to start sending care packages over to our troops in Afghanistan to reach them by the time Mother’s Day comes this Sunday, May 12th.
For Mother’s Day we want to recognize all of our military Moms — those who are serving and the mothers of troops serving. Whether they’re putting themselves on the line to make a safer world for their children to grow up in, or sending their children off to keep America safe, military Moms know the meaning of SACRIFICE better than anyone. And we want to thank them this Mother’s Day.

Send a MOTHER’S DAY care package to our troops serving in Afghanistan. It’s the best way to say thanks to the Moms who gave us life, and the Moms who risk their own lives to protect our nation from threats of terrorism.

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