Special Forces Group Needs Help Now!



Move America Forward is proud to announce that we are supporting our friends in the 3rd Special Forces Group operating in Afghanistan. They are fighting in the tough eastern province of Wardak, close to the Pakistan border where Taliban and Al Qaeda forces are still imposing their will on anyone who stands opposed.

The 3rd SFG are still involved in heavy fighting and they need our support! These Special Forces groups take on some of the most dangerous missions you can imagine and they need our help right now, please send them your support and items they can’t get where they are!

The 3rd Special Forces Group is based out of Fort Bragg, NC. The unit was formed and activated on December 5, 1963 and was created from several other Special Forces groups brought together to create a unique and versatile fighting force. Deployed mostly during the Vietnam War, the group was disbanded in 1969 until 1990 when it was reactivated once again to fight for their country!

The 3rd SFG was used for many specialized missions in the first Persian Gulf War in 1991 including a daring raid to secure the US Embassy in occupied Kuwait. Since 9/11 they have been heavily involved in the Middle East.

In Afghanistan 2008 the 3rd SFG was involved in the infamous Battle of Shok Valley, a seven hour onslaught where hopelessly outnumbered American and Afghan allies held off attacks by hundreds of Taliban fighters. Only heavy air support prevented the small American force, many of whom were wounded in the battle, from being overwhelmed. After that battle 10 members the unit were awarded Silver Stars for bravery and selfless acts of heroism.

Help us adopt the 3SFG who are back in Afghanistan RIGHT NOW and they need our support! A care package send from a stranger back home will warm the hearts of even the most grizzled and hardened warriors like those of the 3rd SFG.

Please sponsor a care package for the 3rd SFG today!

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