September Monthly Newsletter 2016

Honoring the Memory of the lives lost on 9/11

September 11, 2001 – Terrorism hits home
September 11, 2012 – U.S. Consulate in Benghazi attacked by terrorists

September 11, 2001.  Fifteen years cannot erase the vivid image of the Twin Towers billowing smoke against an impossibly blue New York skyline. September 11, 2001, a day that forever changed our nation.  We at MAF honor the brave men, women and children who lost their lives that fateful September morning in 2001.  We remember the heroics of NYPD fire and police units who responded without thought to their own safety and the incredible sacrifices of those aboard flight 93 who through their selfless sacrifice saved countless lives. Although the Twin Towers no longer grace the New York Skyline, the Pentagon remains, its beige stone facade bearing the scars of the terrorists attack.

September 11, 2012. Frantic call for help go unanswered as the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya fall under terrorist attack culminating in the deaths of U.S. Ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens, former SEALs Glen Doherty  and Ty Woods  along with  foreign service worker Sean Smith.
Although first reported as an unorganized local protest surrounding a movie, it soon became clear this was a directed and organized strike.


September 8, 2016 — For the fourth year in a row, MAF has been invited by John Vinson and his family to help them install a memorial flag display to mark the anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.
John Vinson says that when he heard about what had happened in New York City he picked up an American flag and went to a freeway overpass and simply waved it proudly and defiantly at the enemy, for all the passing motorists to see. Those that passed by and saw him waving the colors honked and cheered and encouraged him.

John continues to fly the flag every 9/11, today he has well over 3,000 flags to fly including 2,977 flags to remember each victim of the 9/11 attacks. John has moved from the freeway overpass to a field in view of a busy street in West Sacramento. The Vinson family continue to fly the flags in defiance of those who would try to destroy our freedom.

We applaud the efforts of people like John Vinson, and the countless other patriots around the country who are flying their flags today, supporting our troops. Last year MAF put together a video showing John and his team of volunteers placing the flags in the ground.


September 2016 MAF 9/11 Memorial Shipment — We will have hundreds of packages ready to go in response to our Answer the Call 9/11: Never Forget Drive.  It’s not too late to have your care package added to this very important shipment. Our nation was under fire, and our brave heroes Answered The Call to defend it. Will you Answer the Call to support them now?

Take time to honor these heroes and their sacrifices by flying your flag in remembrance of these great American heroes and consider sending out a great support package to our troops who help keep us safe today and every day!

Learn 4 Life’s “Jeans 4 A Cause” Raised $2,531.00 for Troop Care Packages!

Scott Raab, Lorna Garces (black shirt) School Counselor for Paseo Grande
Tanya Prucher (blue shirt) Learning Center Coordinator for Paseo Grande
David Petropulos – Principal for Paseo Grande, Shawn Callahan

At Move America Forward we are frequently approached by groups and organizations that are looking for a way to make a difference. We have worked with many groups helping them coordinate drives to send package to our deserving soldiers. That’s why when we were contacted by Tanya Pruche, Learning Center Coordinator for Paseo Grande High School we were happy to be awarded their “Jeans 4 a Cause Donation” for the month.

Paseo Grande High School, a Learn 4 Life public charter school, in a growing network of approximately 65 resource centers throughout California.  The schools offer a variety of programs; Independent Studies, Blended online, and Career Technical Education with a focus on personalized learning because Learn 4 Life know all students need something different to motivate them and get them reinvested in their future.

Each month a Learn 4 Life charter school hosts their standing “Jeans 4 a Cause” drive.  Each charter gets to choose an organization they would like to support and all employees within Learn 4 Life wear jeans and donate $3-$5 which in turn goes to a worthy organization.  The money is collected and the school that hosted the event presents it to their charity.  

According to Tanya Pruche,  “My Principal, David Petropulos, found Move America Forward and felt it was a great way to support our troops. We raised money during one of our “Jeans for a Cause” events that crosses our entire company, from San Diego to Sacramento.  Staff can wear jeans and donate to organizations chosen by the specific school site that hosts that month’s event.”

Tonya went on to say “It must be hard to be away from family and friends and hopefully organizations like this help them to know they are appreciated.”

When I spoke to Tanya about her experience visiting Move America Forward she said “It is amazing to see all the support you have from the community and what you do for our troops! It feels great knowing that even a small gesture could help make someone’s day.  Our students enjoyed writing letters to the troops and we had some really good conversations about how we could support them.

Tanya went on to say her experience with MAF was “Wonderful – everyone we have met is passionate about what they do. And she took a moment to add a personal message for the troops, “Thank you for all you have done for our country.”

Want to support Move America Forward when you shop on Amazon, it’s simple: All you have to do is use the link below to select Move America Forward as the charity you would like to support and a small portion of what you buy on is donated. There is no extra cost to you, just extra support for our brave defenders for buying the things you normally would. It’s a WIN-WIN!

Millions of Americans already use Amazon to purchase clothes, books and movies to tech gadgets, or almost anything you can think of. Chances are, if you’ve ever bought anything on-line, you have probably used at least once or twice.

Now with Amazon Smile, you can support Move America Forward at no cost to you, Amazon donates .05% of your purchase TO THE TROOPS on your behalf!

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Happy 100th Birthday United States Marine Corps Forces Reserves

As everyone knows, the best way to celebrate a birthday is with a BIRTHDAY PARTY. Our specialty at MAF, and our favorite kind of party is a CARE PACKAGE PARTY. So why not help us throw a BIRTHDAY care package party in honor of our Marine Corps Forces Reserves 100th Birthday!

Here are some photos of what a MAF care package party looks like!

Troops tell us in their own Words what it means to get a Care Package!

Here is a real note to us from a real soldier, we though you would enjoy reading how much your support means.

“Good Morning, I would like to send you this email as a token of my appreciation! Today I was afforded the opportunity to speak with one of the many volunteers. I would like to thank you very much for your hard work and support in a world where the support of the armed forces is slowly declining. We noticed once an email contact was made and the request was understood, we would shortly receive a positive form of care. We all appreciate what you and your crew of men, women, and children have been doing for, not only us, but for everyone throughout the armed services. The items in the conversation was awesome, useful, and directly from the heart. Thank you for what your dedication, patience and candor.


Peter W.  – SSGT U.S. Army”


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Calling all Troops!
Signing up to receive packages is easy!

If you are deployed or have the address of a deployed military member, you can click here for our Military Sign Up Center  to sign them up to receive one of our great care packages loaded with plenty of the TLC our soldiers need to remind them that people back home support their mission.

If you prefer, just copy this link Once the soldier has registered they’ll be eligible to receive packages and messages of support from caring Americans like you.

MAF’s Monthly Smiles Club Keeps the Smiles Coming Year-Round

Want an easy way to keep those smiles coming all year long? Join the Move America Forward Monthly Smiles Club.

You can a join Monthly Smiles directly by ordering and checking the box that says “Yes, I would like to make a re-occurring gift” and selecting your frequency. Our troops really need your ongoing support, so why not join Monthly Smiles today?

If you have questions and would like more information, just fill out this form and Lisa Baron, our Director of Troop Support who oversees our Monthly Smiles Program will contact you directly.

Don’t want to commit to a package every month? We can also set up programs that send packages out for all the different holidays through the year. We have members who send out packages for Easter, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, and others who send out packages every other month or even quarterly. We’re here to help with whatever you or your company, group or organization wants to do to support the troops. There’s no obligation, and you can stop sending packages at any time.

If you have a question or would like additional information, contact Lisa Baron, our Monthly Smiles Director at

Special Shout out to Corporate Sponsor Guidepost for providing much needed spiritual support to our troops during long deployments far from home and loved one!

As always, special thanks go out to our Sponsors!:

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