Senate Report Confirms Benghazi Attack Was Preventable


SACRAMENTO, Calif. –Move America Forward (MAF) agrees with the conclusions reached by the bipartisan Senate intelligence committee on the terrorist attacks on U.S. facilities in Benghazi Libya, September 11, 2012 which claimed the lives of Ambassador Chris Stevens and 3 other Americans. That it was a clear terrorist attack from day one, our people were in danger and nothing was done about it. Not one person has been held accountable for the failure nor has anyone been brought to justice. Only an honest assessment and acknowledgement of the facts will prevent such a tragedy from ever happening again.

“We now know without a doubt that the theory put forth by Susan Rice, Hillary Clinton and others in the Obama administration, that the attack was actually a spontaneous protest that got out of hand, was entirely wrong.” said Communications Director Danny Gonzalez. “The Senate has determined that was a false narrative promulgated to provide political cover to Obama and his administration during election time, when news of such a massive security failure would have been damaging to President Obama’s campaign for a second term in office.”

“This report confirms what we have been saying all along, that the Benghazi attack was preventable, the leadership in the State Department failed to give our people the necessary security warranted by the heightened threat environment in Benghazi and that more could have been done to save the lives of our diplomats who came under attack. President Obama needs to come clean and publicly acknowledge the truth of the Senate’s findings and apologize for lying to American public for political gain. The American people deserve answers on why it was not labeled a terrorist attack from day one, why over a year later no one has been brought to justice and they want to know what will be done to ensure that these types of security failures never happen again. We want President Obama fulfill his empty promises and bring to justice the terrorists who murdered 4 Americans over a year ago, to stop ignoring threats to American security, and most of all to place security above political expediency.” concluded Gonzalez

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