Remembering our Friend: Andrew Breitbart


Today, on the 1 year anniversary of his shocking and tragic death, we remember our friend Andrew Breitbart. A colleague, and our brother in supporting America’s troops. We were saddened beyond belief by the news of his untimely death last year. Our prayers and thoughts continue to be with his wife and children.

May he rest in peace with God.

We celebrate his life and efforts.

Much has been written about the big stories that Andrew broke and his public battles against the liberal media and the political left.

What folks may not know is the real Andrew, the man that unselfishly volunteered his time to support causes that he believed in.  He didn’t just talk about problems in society, he worked on fixing them.

One cause that was dear to Andrew’s heart was supporting our military men and women.  Andrew was a true friend and advocate of our troops.  He lived near the Los Angeles National Cemetery, and he was moved by seeing family members pay tribute to their fallen heroes.  It burned in him a desire to help support our troops and their families.

He reached out to Move America Forward and asked what he could do to help. He was a great resource to MAF behind the scenes too.  He was also unafraid to join with us publicly in stating his love and care for your troops and their mission, as well as joining our protest against the anti-military Code Pink – showing up characteristically on his skate board.  Lest we forget, it has taken people like Andrew Breitbart to give voice to those Americans who value what our troops do in protecting America.

Andrew clearly understood the need to have a public expression of support for the troops. He never, ever wanted another Vietnam Syndrome to affect the United States when our troops went unappreciated and even scorned by some for their service to our country.

When we started the Troopathons (our web-a-thon to raise money for care packages for the troops), Andrew was instantly on board.  He co-anchored the fund-raiser with great gusto, bringing along some of his Hollywood friends.  Andrew helped bring in more than $3 million for care packages. His generosity was well known among his friends and close associates.

Andrew had a very serious side when he was fighting against anyone that he felt was harming America, but he also had a playful spirit that inspired and embraced life. We put together a short video to share with you some of those many sides of Andrew that we had the honor to share with him and will continue to be inspired by.


Tribute to Andrew Breitbart 1969-2012

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