Purple Heart Day Coming Up


“The Purple Heart is an award of honor, given to those injured in combat,” said Peter Bedrossian, Program Director of the National Purple Heart Hall of Honor.

“Purple Heart Day” will be celebrated this August 7th in recognition of George Washington’s creation of the Badge for Military Merit on August 7th, 1782. The “Badge of Military Merit” created by General Washington that day was the predecessor to today’s Purple Heart, and featured a purple heart shaped badge on a silver band. The award was used only a few times, then forgotten until it was revived in 1932 with the official creation of the Order of the Purple Heart.

Today many states and counties use the anniversary of August 7th as a day to recognize and celebrate the sacrifices and achievements of Purple Heart recipients in their communities.

Move America Forward has a program outlined specifically to support injured troops and veterans receiving treatment at VA medical centers.

These special packages are filled with personal care items that patients receiving treatment at military hospitals desperately need such as toothpaste, mouthwash, hospital socks, razors and shaving cream, playing cards and snacks. Send a Wounded Warrior Care Package today!

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