Pro Troop Group Says Iran Must Disarm – Kerry Talks Give Too Much



SACRAMENTO, Calif. – The nation’s largest grassroots pro-troop organization, Move America Forward condemned a proposed deal being brokered between Iran and Secretary of State John Kerry in Geneva. The proposal has also been denounced by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and numerous American legislators.


“Initial reports coming from numerous sources indicate that the deal John Kerry is working out with the Iranians would put America in a weaker bargaining position. It makes no sense to relax sanctions on Iran without requiring them to give up something in return. To do so would take away our only strong bargaining chip in future negotiations.” said Danny Gonzalez, Director of Communications for the group.


“The fact that Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel said it was a ‘very, very bad deal’ after a meeting with Secretary Kerry is evidence enough that the plan he’s working on does not serve America’s interests in its current form. Iran needs to be held more accountable and be willing to give up their ability to enrich uranium to weapons grade purity. The current plan would not require Iran to turn over any uranium or shut down any of their enrichment facilities.


“Senator Ted Cruz of Texas rightly said that the US should negotiate from a position of strength, and we agree one hundred percent.” said Gonzalez “If we don’t demand it now, what’s the incentive for Iran to disarm later? They will have already got what they wanted and would have no reason to continue negotiations By making concessions and reducing sanctions but not requiring Iran to disarm, we would weaken our bargaining position and actually reduce the prospects of having Iran disarm in the future.” concluded Gonzalez.

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